Also known as: On beauty, and being beautiful. This is probably a very vain post.
Note: If you were in one of the photos below, I apologize for the embarrassment of unearthing old photos. ^^

“You know I never really felt pretty until now.”

Perhaps it was the alcohol speaking. The words just came out while my friends and I were discussing things, and it was the first time I admitted that thought out loud where people were listening to me.

I backtracked a bit to clarify. “I never felt…you know, beautiful. Until now. After I’ve lost weight. And fixed myself a bit.” Oops. It didn’t turn out to be a clarification, but a confirmation of sorts. Oh well.

Image from we heart it

Back in college, when I was active with in my Catholic youth community, I attended several talks about femininity and being a true woman. I was told that I was a princess, that I am beautiful and I should love myself the way I am. Because God loves me. And that should be enough. I really and truly believed all that…