The Bedroom Project, Part 1

Also known as: Hunting for the perfect bedroom design, part 1

Late 2010, the renovations for our house finally started. We weren’t really supposed to have our house renovated if it wasn’t for Typhoon Ketsana/Ondoy which hit us pretty bad in 2009, with waist-deep floods inside our one-storey house. Needless to say, we were all pretty nervous about the next typhoon season because we still haven’t found good contractors to fix our house. Thankfully, we finally found one just before my brother got married, and so we need to contact stainless steel strapping suppliers so that construction for the second floor starts by November.

Earlier this afternoon, we went up to the house to check out the rooms. It’s far from finished, but it’s really taking shape, and a part of me still can’t believe that I will soon be sleeping up in the second floor of a house. I mean, sure, I’ve lived in the apartment we’re renting for a while now, but all my life I’ve lived in a simple (although bursting to the seams with stuff) bungalow, and now we actually have a house that echoes. How much did God exceed our needs this time?

Anyway, the house should be finished by next month, or at least, before I turn 25 (!!!), and I figure I should start choosing my bedroom design. I should have done this waaay back, but well, as always, I procrastinated. But now that I have seen my soon-to-be room, it’s time to start looking for possible designs!

So I present to you The Bedroom Project! I am no interior designer, but I love looking at different bedroom designs, and this is my chance to decorate my room the way I want to, so a-decorating I will go. :) For the first post in the project, I’ve grabbed pictures online for some possible inspirations for my future bedroom. What better way to start than look at how other people did theirs, right?

Note: All photos from F*ck Yeah! Bedroom Decor!

Look how pretty this one is. Talk about a bed and a reading corner all in one. I love how cozy this looks, and even my mom thinks it’s a nice space-saver, too. The first question that comes to mind, though is: would those shelves be enough for my books? :P

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