Words, words, words

Also known as: Some musings on my passion for words

Last Saturday, I was invited to join Bronze Age Media‘s Author At Once Part 2 workshop to be a part of the panel. The workshop was about how budding authors can market their novels, and I was there to speak for the book bloggers and book club members. I came there without preparation, as usual (by preparation, I meant a presentation, outline, etc), save for the things I know, which is kind of how I have been doing things lately.1 It was a very productive afternoon, and I stayed longer than I intended, partly because I was sitting at the other end of the room and leaving would be quite disturbing for everyone especially while someone was talking and because it was a very interesting workshop, even if I have no novel to start marketing (not anytime soon, anyway).

Author at Once, Part 2
Author at Once, Part 2 (Photo credit: Reev Robledo)

Anyway, the afternoon reminded me of some things that I really kind of know about myself, mainly this: I love words. It’s no secret, with how much I talk and how much I read and write. I mean, I even like lyrics more than the music whenever I listen to songs! There is nothing like words strung together in the right way to give me a little thrill. It’s like…when I see a beautiful sunrise/sunset (depends on my shift :D), or when I hear from a friend that I haven’t heard from a long time — there’s a flutter in my heart that tells me: I am made for this.


  1. I realize that’s not really a good way to go all the time…but that’s for another post []