To learn from the sky

Sara Bareilles released a new album called The Blessed Unrest the other day and I’ve been listening to her song Chasing the Sun on repeat:

I love the entire song, most especially the chorus:

You said, remember that life is
Not meant to be wasted
We can always be chasing the sun!
So fill up your lungs and just run
But always be chasing the sun!

It just sounds so hopeful, don’t you think?

* * *

I’m going to take a little blogging break.

When 2013 started, I had this plan of blogging (at least) once a week, so when the year ends, I’d have around 52 posts for this blog. Plus I figured it’s some kind of commitment to find something interesting to blog every week, and it’s not as hard as blogging everyday for an entire month (believe me, I tried that).

But…things haven’t been exactly smooth sailing these past few days. I think it’s obvious from my previous posts? If you’d allow me to be brutally honest, I’m not really okay right now. I would normally write my heart out here while I sort out everything (as I have done in the past weeks), but this time, I don’t really feel like doing it. There are too many things that I need to come to terms with, and frankly, I just don’t feel like writing about them here. It doesn’t feel right just yet. Maybe sometime later, I guess. I don’t know. But definitely not now. I figure I should keep them to myself for the time being.

Hence this break. I might post a little bit every now and then. Something random or whatever. Heh, it’s not like I have a ton of readers, anyway, but to the five or six (or so. hehe) of you who read this, then please bear with me a little bit. :)

I’m just going to go and chase the sun for a little bit while I figure some things out.

But don’t worry, I’ll be back.

And I’ll be okay, promise. :)

Oh and I’ll still be here, anyway. And here. And if you know me in real life,1 you know how to reach me.

* * *

Why don’t you tell me a story, instead?

Image from we heart it
Image from we heart it

I’ve been toying with this idea for a while now, about inviting friends as guests to my blog so they can share their story. I never really had the time to work on it until now, since I’m going on this break. So instead of reading about…well, me, you’ll be reading about the stories of other people. I’ve always believed that we all have stories to tell, and so I’m opening my blog to people who want to share their story. One of my most favorite artists sang it well:

There’s life to be lived, and stories to tell, lessons to learn, we don’t know yet.
Nothing to lack looking back knowing that we have lived it well with stories to tell.

Tell me a story. Any story. Family, friends, loved ones, pets. Funny, happy, sad, tragic. Tell me something you’ve been wanting to talk about, or something that you feel that should be told. It doesn’t have to be inspiring or religious or life-changing — just tell your story. Let’s start from there.

Interested? Leave a comment on this post, or drop me a line and let’s talk. :)

  1. Let’s hang out or something. I’d love to catch up. []

Songs for you, truths for me

First off: no, this is not a review or something of James Morrison’s album (even if I loved that album). I am borrowing that title, though, because it seems like the best one to use for this post. (So thanks, Papa James, hihi ♥)

Remember that 2012 mix tape post I wrote last year? I realized that I enjoyed writing that post so much that I should have another one. Of course, this is more appropriate at the end of the year 2013, but then it’s too far away and there are too many songs that I’d want to include in that list based on how 2013 has been so far. This is a little cheat, so I can list more songs. ;)

A little fact: My current mood is almost always connected to the music I listen to (or in the lyrics I tweet). I’m a lyrics person so I relate quick to them, and you can almost always tell the state of my heart based on the song I have on repeat for several days/weeks. I’m sort of transparent that way.

So do expect that this half-year playlist has a lot of #feels, because that’s really just how I roll. :)

Image from we heart it
Image from we heart it

1. Winter Snow by Chris Tomlin feat. Audrey Assad

Your voice wasn’t in a bush burning
No, Your voice wasn’t in a rushing wind
It was still, it was small, it was hidden

This is actually a leftover from Christmas, and this turned out to be one of my favorites until the year ended. It’s a Christmas song, but it doesn’t sound like a Christmas song, which is great because I still listen to it even now. This song can still calm my heart. :)