See you in August

Also known as: One step closer to World Youth Day in Madrid :)

I told you I’d have a reason to blog more. :)

Last night I was very, very antsy because our WYD group leader sent a message to pray for our visas which was to be released today. Last June, I was already majorly antsy about it because it was the scheduled group appointment, where our leader represented us to the embassy. I had a good feeling that we’d get the visa, but who knows, right? After the appointment, I thought we’d know already, but it turns out it won’t be until July 15.

So the waiting starts. And I pretty much put it at the back of my mind, even if I’ve been praying for it everyday. When that text message came last night to pray for 100% approval, I was worried again.

I mean, I know I have all documents submitted…but who knows right? Anything could still go wrong.

But God wouldn’t let that happen, right? I’ve come this far, why take it away?

And I was given an Australian visa 3 years ago, and I was less financially capable. So why not this one, right?


And so I asked.

And then.

The message arrived.


We have our visaaaa! Of course, that’s just one step closer. We still have to book our flights, prepare our itinerary, save money and pray, pray, pray! I also have to get some appointments out of the way (dentist, optometrist, and possibly pulmonologist) all in a month’s time. And train people who will back me up at work, and also buy a new camera (Lumix LX5, please?), and make sure all affairs are in order. Not to mention meet up with friends and all that before I leave. Not like I’ll be gone for a long time, anyway. It is high time I meet with my friends again.

Ahhhhh such an exciting time. It will be a busy month, but I am absolutely excited. :)

World Youth Day 2011 - Madrid
30 days to go! :)

Thank You, Jesus! :)

2 thoughts on “See you in August

  1. I am jealous! But I’ll just live vicariously through you. :)

    Praise be Jesus!

    Have fun in Madrid! And don’t forget to bring home some… Spanish bread, LOL! :P

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