2007 Year-end survey, Part 1

For the first time since I started my not-so-new job, I’ve never been so happy it’s the weekend. This week has been the same fun, but there’s been so much work and I’ve got too little sleep much thanks to the Misa de Gallo/Simbang Gabi, so everything feels like I have too little time to work on it. So let me breathe a sigh of relief that the weekend is here, and I’ve got a four-day weekend to look forward to. Then another four day weekend next week, but let’s not go to that yet. :)

I’m supposed to make a list of things that happened in 2007 that is worth mentioning but I’m too tired to think. I found this old survey from my LiveJournal though. As with everyone else in the blog world doing their 2007 recollections, here’s my second one (the first one being this). The last time I filled this survey out was back in 2003. To make things more interesting, I’ll keep my 2003 answers (in italics) in the survey so we could all laugh at how I see things 4 years ago. :P (Oh and some names are censored to protect their privacy…and prevent me from being embarrassed :)) )

1) Place you hung out the most in this year:
2003: my room, Gox lobby, Ampitheater, IST lab, Mito’s house, Marv’s house
2007: the office, Eastwood, home

2) Favorite new place you discovered:
2003: DLSU’s Ampitheater! :) I liked hanging out there, it is probably the “windiest” and freshest place in DLSU.
2007: Ah. I don’t know. Seattle’s Best? Haha. I started liking their place more than I like Starbucks. :P

3) Places you went on dates:
2003: Ergh…what dates? Okay, fine. Robinson’s Galleria with Marfel and Daqs. Munch Alley with BIGO girls. :) Subway with Nadz!
2007: (OMG. Let me just laugh at my old answers, LOLZ!) Again, what dates? If it’s with the Godchicks, it’s always coffee shops. :)

4) Favorite vacation spot for the year:
2003: Hmmm…none. I didn’t like Matabungkay, Morong’s okay…I have yet to see Bauan, Batangas, but then that would be next year already. Face it, I’ve been more of a bum this year.
2007: Hands down, it’s Singapore. :)

5) Places you made out in (or more) this year:
2003: no answer.
2007: still no make outs (or more) this year.

1) Person who taught you a lot this year:
2003: God (as usual), Franz, Luigi, Daqs (even if he doesn’t know it), my household
2007: God (of course), my parents. Jomar. People at work, I guess (from both jobs :D)

2) An old friend you rediscovered this year:
2003: Hmmm…Ryan Dave and Patrese, through Friendster.
2007: Diana…but we’ve yet to meet next week. :D Trac, an old chat-mate who turns out to be a YFC, who knows my best friend and who is the cousin of another friend I met earlier this year. How about that. :)

3) Person who told you the nicest thing about yourself:
2003: Hmmm…people from Friendster, through testimonials. And Love. Ãœ
2007: Ack, so many people, I can’t recall! Or maybe I just don’t really notice it, or take note of them, you know?

4) Person who did something really great for you (and what):
2003: F, I guess, for being honest with me. And Love, for looking out for me. And D, for making my Valentine’s Day interesting. And all the people who listened to me when I blabbed about him.
2007: (Again, OMG LOLZ about my previous answer!) I don’t know. Haha I don’t know if my memory’s just lousy. They’re always great to me. My SFC friends, I guess? (Ack, I hate my memory this year)

5) Person you spent the most time with this year:
2003: college friends
2007: officemates. Godchicks.

6) Person you did something really great for (and what):
2003: I have no idea. I don’t think of those that much.
2007: I still have the same answer. ^^;

7) Someone you wished you talked to this year:
2003: Jamie, again. And Toni.
2007: Some people I wish I talked to more: Bea, most definitely.

8) Someone whom you started a great friendship with this year:
2003: IST people, guys from S17 (because of FYI)
2007: officemates in new work (Go Bords!), PinoyWrimos. :)

9) Old enemy/s you made peace with this year:
2003: I don’t think I made any enemies…petty fights, I know, but no enemies.
2007: Hay. Still praying for that one.

10) Someone you lost this year:
2003: does D count? Did I ever lose him in the first place? Haha…no one died this year, thank God.
2007: (Ugh, that answer was so cheesy) Technically, he passed away last year, but we found out about Erwin only this year. :(

11) Person/s you kissed this year:
2003: My parents, my barkada.
2007: Same here.

12) Person who made you laugh the most:
2003: my college friends. :)
2007: Ali, Arjyl, Marc. And let’s not forget Mike. :P

13) Person who made you cry:
2003: D. Of course, he doesn’t know it. :P
2007: If it’s crying because of heartache…no one. :) Yes, no one! Because of other things…does this old server at work count? :P Haha. GCO!

14) Person you disliked when the year began but ended up becoming good friends with:
2003: hmm…some IST people, I guess. :) I thought some of them are kind of…ergh, well, pretentious, but they’re not. :)
2007: Ah. There’s someone from the vendors of the old company I worked with who I did not like that much but we’re now good friends (I think). As for work right now, I have just met a lot of people, but there’s no one in particular I do not like.

15) Person you crushed on the entire year:
2003: Uy, 10 months lang! :) D. In a way, I don’t want to associate him with my crushes, since it’s a bit different from say, Bench. Other crushes are kind of, well, crushy. :D Not too serious.
2007: The entire year? No one. There might be someone here and there, but nothing serious. Haha. I guess I’ve grown up a lot from then (hello it’s been 4 years!).

16) Someone you wished you apologized to:
2003: hmmm…no one. Like I said, I don’t think I made any enemies.
2007: My mom, whenever we’d have petty fights. And everyone who I happened to snap at.

17) People you went out on dates with:
2003: BIGO girls. I don’t go on dates with guys. Haha..unless you count the Valentine’s day one. ;) Not really.
2007: Godchicks

18) Friends you went out with a lot:
2003: BIGO girls, The Blockmates, IST people, FYI people
2007: Teammates (Go Bords!), PinoyWrimos (for November at least) and Godchicks

19) Coolest person you met this year:
2003: Stephen Speaks? :)
2007: SWITCHFOOT! :)

1) Clothing item you wore the most this year:
2003: last year it was white. this year it’s black. :P And jeans, jeans, jeans!
2007: Black slacks and work tops. :P

2) Nicest present you got this year:
2003: the long awaited digital camera! :)
2007: Aslan (even if I have to pay for him), the new job

3) Favorite song for the year:
2003: Picture by Stephen Speaks, Three Libras by A Perfect Circle, Big Yellow Taxi by Counting Crows and Vanessa Carlton, Go and Sin No More by Rebecca St. James
2007: The Great Adventure by Steven Curtis Chapman

4) Coolest event of the year:
2003: YFC 10th ILC, Stephen Speaks concert
2007: Blog Parteeh, meeting Switchfoot and their concert, getting accepted in my dream company :)

5) New hobby you picked up this year:
2003: more on shopping, being OC about my stuff, lettering
2007: It’s not exactly a hobby, but I plan on making it one next year :P Boxing. And I liked Bowling too. :D Blogging, I guess?

6) Best book of the year:
2003: Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, of course. For me, it’s When God Writes Your Love Story by Eric and Leslie Ludy and Passion and Purity by Elisabeth Elliot. :)
2007: Gah, I hardly read this year. =/ But my vote (for now) goes to Love, Stargirl by Jerry Spinelli.

7) Best Movie:
2003: Hmm…Finding Nemo!!!
2007: Transformers, Meet the Robinsons, Enchanted

8) Most shocking news headline of the year:
2003: FPJ running for President. Ergh.
2007: The clown show at Makati last month. (Wow, both answers are political)

9) Favorite food of the year:
2003: chocolates pa rin! :) I ate less sisig this year…ummm…yeah, chocolates.

2007: I think I ate a lot of pasta this year. ^^;

10) Favorite new artist that came out this year:
2003: Stacie Orrico, Evanescence, Nickel Creek
2007: They’re not exactly new artists. Brooke Fraser, Dave Barnes and Matt Wertz.

1) Wisest thing you did this year:

2003: learn from my mistakes.
2007: To dive and take a risk.

2) Stupidest thing you did this year:
2003: assume about a certain person who I haven’t known for long.
2007: Allow myself to believe for a few moments that I don’t deserve to have a good job; to be afraid of the future. Still not praying. :(

3) Biggest change in your life this year:
2003: met a lot more people and got to be a lot more active in batch activities. it’s not exactly a big change, but it’s what mostly happened. Oh yeah, I’m a college sophomore already.
2007: new job. :)

4) Biggest challenge of this year:
2003: To do good in school. And to be a dense person. ^^;
2007: To pursue what I really want to do with my life.

5) Something you leared the hard way:
2003: that love can’t be rushed, and that no matter how much the guy seems to like you. Boredom can bring a lot of bad things. And that when you choose to love a person, you don’t focus on that person alone, you do things because you are in love. :) And that I should always talk to God….as in always.
2007: (Again, let me laugh at my previous answer first. LOL). That God’s will is my deepest desires.

6) Greatest lesson you learned this year:
2003: Thy Will Be Done. Just let God work on you…and keep yourself busy! An idle mind is the devil’s workshop.

2007: Life is a great adventure. :)

7) Best joke you’ve heard all year:
2003: Hmm…I can’t remember! Seriously. It must be from the FYI stuff…I never laughed that much when I’m with the guys.

2007: Don’t make me remember, because I can’t. The only funny thing I keep on remembering right now that is funny is Mike’s TYPE KA NON! :))

8) Biggest disappointment of the year:
2003: Not being able to get into the Dean’s List, thrice…and well, knowing that he’s just like that.
2007: Not passing the pre-employment exam at a certain company I really wanted to work for, disappoinment in some people I used to trust during the YFC ILC in Naga.

9) Biggest blessing of the year:
2003: getting my digital camera…and learning all the things I’ve learned. :)
2007: That company whose pre-employment exam I did not pass at the previous number? I work there now. :)

10) Biggest thing you discovered about the world:
2003: That it’s a small world. :) Really, it is. We’re all connected to each other, somewhat [Friendster!]
2007: That there’s a lot to see in the world that I have yet to see. :)

11) Biggest thing you discovered about people in general:
2003: That people are interesting in their own ways, and that there’s always something new to discover about every person. There are no strangers, only people I haven’t met yet.
2007: This isn’t exactly a discovery since I’ve held onto this one for the longest time: people are innately good, but it takes some time to see the goodness in some people.

1) Goals/dreams for next year:
– get into the Dean’s List!
– erase my 0.0 in my record when I retake INTRODS (next term!)
– go on diet.
– pray more, listen more, talk less.
– continue enjoying life the way I do right now. :)

– fix my prayer time.
– drive.
– Get back to 120lbs and wear my old pants again ^^;
– salary raise…and fine, a possible promotion?
– finish Fall Like Rain
start a small blog-hosting business
– take time to understand all life insurance quotes presented to me for next year and save up to invest for a savings thingie. After Sydney.

2) Predictions for next year on:
2003: like what I said in 2003: don’t count on it. =p I’m all His!
2007: Hah. Shall I be controversial on my answer? I’m open to anything. ;)

2003: better? I hope. :) Oh yeah, I’m turning 18 next year! Whoa!
2007: looking bright, so far. I look forward to the new challenges up for my teammates and I next year. :) Wohoo!