6 Weird Things

This is an overdue meme tag from Mae, who asked me to share 6 weird things about me (who thinks of these things, anyway?). I actually had a hard time, even if I had a lot of weird aspects. Haha. So let’s see. Hmmm. Okay. Let me warn you, I’m a really weird girl. :P

  1. I eat with a small spoon and fork. It started when I was a kid, when the spoon and fork I brought for school is small. Ever since then, I felt like big spoons do not fit in my mouth even as I grew up. Until now I’m still using a small set of spoon and fork. I can use big utensils, but at home I always use the small set. :)
  2. Whenever there is a special occasion, I like my hair to be extra soft. My hair is my vanity point and a bad hair day can make my day in a not so good mood. So whenever there is a special occasion, I take the pains to condition my hair properly and blow dry it if I have time.
  3. I can sleep even in the noisiest place. I’m not a night owl. The moment I feel sleepy, I feel sleepy, period. I remember one time, I was at a YFC Echo Conference, our tent was the one nearest to the speakers and during the party at night, while everyone was out partying, I was sleeping soundly in the tent. There was also another time when South Border was playing during a YFC ILC, and while everyone was up front watching the band, I was sitting comfortably on a row of seats, napping. :P
  4. I can stay awake the longest, though. Yes, as much as I can sleep in the noisiest place and I am not a night person, I can stay awake the longest if I have to. Or if I want to. I’m not exactly a masa (as in masandal tulog ((Rough Translation: Can fall asleep even while just leaning on anything)) ), so I can stay awake and then crash when I let my body relax. I can’t pull two nights of no sleep though. One is enough, thank you.
  5. I always eat my fries first whenever I eat in fastfood. I noticed it just recently, that whenever I eat out in any fast food restaurant and eat anything with fries, the fries go first before my burger or the others. I eat 3/4 of the fries and then eat the burger (or whatever it is) and finish the rest of the fries off. :P
  6. I talk to my computer. The fact that I name my gadgets is geeky enough but talking to my computer — that’s something I’m guilty of. :P It started in college during our Java class, while doing our machine project. I talk to my computer when it’s acting up — like when it’s hanging, or if my program is buggy. I even pat and rub my laptop, Ginger, when it’s slowing down because of all the programs I’m running on its poor 256MB SDRAM. :P So if you see me mumbling something to my computer, don’t mind me. :P

It’s late, and I’m not in the mood to tag people anymore, so…this would stop on me I guess. Okay, if anyone’s interested, consider yourself tagged. :P

Good night world. Tuesday tomorrow, and it will be a good day. It. Will. Be. A. Good. Day. Dear Lord, please let it be okay.