Blog Awards, Credit Cards and Fasting

What do those three have in common? Nothing, I just want to put them together in the title line.

The blogosphere has been quite noisy for the past few days, mostly because of the most recent happening, the 2007 Philippine Blog Awards. Now, I won’t add to the fire and talk about the controversies surrounding it because I believe enough has been said. Let me just say these things:

  • Congratulations to all the winners! I haven’t really done some blog hopping among the finalists, but I know all of you are deserving of the awards. :)
  • Kudos to Abe, Jayvee and Gail for initiating and organizing the event, as well as to all the sponsors, judges and fellow volunteers who helped make this event possible. It’s an honor working with you guys. :)
  • More kudos ((And OMG, I forgot to give your “prizes”. Next time! :D)) to the Stage and Decor Team, namely Jomar, LA, Joni, Riz, Vida, Cathie and Fer. Once again, FUN TEAM, YAY! Thanks for allowing us to be makulit, and for all almost sleepless (well, not in LA’s case) nights making the graphics which Marc put in his one-night in the making Flash presentation that was displayed onstage. You guys rock. Sa uulitin? ;)
  • I’d also like to mention my fellow ushers, most of whom we recruited in the last minute: Joni, LA, Cathie, Fer, Darwin, Shari, Mae and Jun. I know some of my instructions were kind of magulo, but thanks for understanding pa rin. :P
  • Fr. Stephen’s prayer for that night is probably the geekiest prayer I’ve ever heard, but (as I commented in his blog), it rings true, particularly to Godchicks. :)

As for the other issues surrounding this…like I mentioned, I believe enough has been said, and there’s no need for me to add to the fire. Not that I’m playing safe; I just think this isn’t the proper venue to air whatever concerns I have about the event (which is none, actually), plus I think it’s better to focus on the positive side of things (Hello, optimism!).

Here’s something to think about. I remember talking to a friend about intercession. He said that when we pray for another person, more often than not, this person we’re praying for starts acting or doing even worse thing than before we started praying for him. He says the reason why this happens is that God is already working on this person and the person is resisting to the still small voice. It’s like one time when I was sick — I felt like throwing up but I really didn’t want to, so I resisted, but when I finally did, I felt so much better.

Wait, was that analogy correct? It’s like saying that good always triumphs over the bad, that the victory is still there, that the darkest part of the night is just before dawn and that truth, no matter how hurtful, still is better than the lies (oh so drama). That’s why when you’re praying for someone and it seems like the person is getting worse, it doesn’t mean one should stop praying because nothing’s happening. Keep on praying because for all you know, the person you’re praying for is just one step away from victory, and all he needs is a little spiritual push. :)

Moving on…I made my first credit card purchase today. Haha, proud moment?

Actually, I already have a credit card but it’s an extension from my dad’s. My brother and I recently got ourselves one and while he’s been happily swiping ((Much thanks to this swiping that I got a new watch as a late birthday gift)) for the past few weeks, I have yet to decide what to buy with it. My mom told me to use it within the month or else I would never get to use it. I was thinking of buying a new phone ((What happened to the phone I was waiting for from Smart? I’ll have that up on another post.)) with it, with its zero interest plans but I’m not so sure if I could pay for it with my salary without getting hungry so I decided to sit that one out until I earn enough (or unless someone is nice enough to get me a new one :p).

I have more or less settled to use my card to buy new clothes, but not this soon. I went to work today without my usual jacket, thinking that it isn’t that cold anymore because it’s already summer and it’s friggin’ hot outside. I was wearing this short-sleeved V-neck top my brother gave me last Christmas, and I thought it was fine despite my huge arms and if somehow the airconditioners are colder today, then I’d just try to manage.

However, I forgot that there’s this huge industrial fan that is in front of our area and it is directly facing us. This was the same fan that we used when Milenyo struck and left us aircondition-less in the office. The fan’s been here since last Monday and I don’t know why, since our airconditioner is working fine. More unfortunately, I sit at the first cubicle from where the fan is standing so it’s extra cold in my area. Result? A freezing Tina.

So come lunch time, I heard mass at EDSA Shrine and then went around the mall for a while, trying to warm myself but no such luck. It was then I decided to use the powers of the card. *cue music here* I went around the department store to get a jacket that is (1) not blue or pink, (2) not denim and (3) looks good enough to wear at work. After roaming around and seeing few jackets that either looks good but is too expensive or just right price but doesn’t look good enough for work, I spotted this brown stretch jacket from Bunny Jeans. P649, less 10%! And they have one in my size! Yay!

Now I’m usually a shopper who more or less buys the first thing I see that I like, that’s why I bought this one immediately. That, and I need to get back up at the office already. So swipe, swipe! I’m wearing it now, and although it has this new clothes smell that I think can only be removed through washing or ironing, I feel a bit more comfortable now that my arms are covered. And the jacket really does look good to wear at work. ;) I will try to post a picture of this one next time. :D

Oh yeah, and it makes my arms look less huge too. Yay!

To end this really long post, I just want to announce that I will not be online starting tomorrow until Black Saturday. I will be fasting from using the computer together with my other fasting for the rest of the Holy Week. I will not die if I don’t turn my computer on for three days ((I was planning to do this fast for the entire Holy Week, but seeing that I’m at work, I couldn’t exactly just turn my computer off here)).

Why fast? Well, as what Judy McDonald of says:

Lent is not about giving things up and making those around miserable. Its about looking at your life and seeing what is keeping you from Jesus.

I want a real one on one time with the Father for the rest of the Holy Week, to see, understand and really feel His love by letting His Son go through all the suffering for me. It’s time to reconnect, to be silent and to just allow Him to love me, no matter how undeserving I am.

So friends, I will see you on Easter Sunday! :) I have some advance posts to share for the next few days so it won’t be too lonely here. Have a meaningful Holy Week, everyone. :)