Just recently, I was re-reading two of the Shopaholic books I own (Shopaholic Takes Manhattan and Shopaholic and Sister) as a result of my current unemployed status. I like reading those books, but to be totally honest, I really couldn’t sympathize as much to the protagonist of the story, Becky Bloomwood/Brandon. I mean, fine, she’s a typical girl who just loves shopping and designer clothes and all that…but I just couldn’t see why she gets soooo fascinated with it. Don’t get me wrong, I love the books; it’s just that I can’t sympathize with Becky.

And then I got to OMF Lit‘s booksale today…and then I saw the Becky in me.

The moment I stepped inside the bookstore, I knew for sure my eyes lit up. The first time that I’ve been surrounded by so many Christian books was when I was in the book fair last year at the World Trade Center. Tuesday, Bea, Engel and I probably spent an hour ogling at the books at the OMF Lit section. We were so noisy there that the OMF people got to know us (plus we were wearing nametags then :P). I heard about OMF Lit’s sale for this month and I was really planning to go to it before the sale ends. Then yesterday, I got an email from the Against the Flow groups and the special promo for this week is for Christian Fiction — 30% Off on ALL Christian Fiction. As in Ted Dekker. As in Tim LaHaye. As in Francine Rivers. And as in Frank Peretti, my favorite author of all time. When I heard that, I knew I had to go! And the sale was only until tomorrow! Waaaah!

Thank God for friends like Jomar, who also loves the kinds of books I read. After returning my toga this morning, I headed over to Boni Avenue to go to OMF…and like I said, the moment I entered the bookstore, I was immediately transported into book heaven. Haaaay, it was amazing! I mean, I love books, but being in a place where I could buy Christian books — moreover, Christian fiction! If I loved staying in Shepherd’s Staff for more than an hour, I’d love to spend the day in that bookstore! Haha. :P

Anyway, so I got there and immediately took This Present Darkness and Piercing the Darkness for Tuesday, and then browsed around. And here are the books I got for myself:

  1. House by Frank Peretti and Ted Dekker.
    – Their newest novel, which I was planning to ask my dad to buy in Saipan. I knew I was going to find that book there. :)
  2. Thr3e by Ted Dekker
    – Got this for Php250! Original price is Php500! Haha, bargain! :P I heard this is good. This is the first Dekker book I own. :)
  3. Dreaming in Black and White by Laura Jensen Walker
    – I was browsing through the fiction shelf and on the bottom, I found books with different authors. There was a shelf-full of classic-looking books, and then below, there I found this book. After reading the blurb at the back, I realized that it’s actually a chicklit. What do you know, Christian chicklit! Haha, forgive me for being so ignorant, I’ve been too exposed to Peretti and I never thought that there is Christian chicklit. :P Now I know better. Snagged it for Php245. :P

All in all, I spent a total of Php1335 for 5 books, which isn’t bad because on normal price, it would all cost Php2000+. That’s way less than tv stands! :)

And shopping for books filled me with such a high feeling — haha, Becky Bloomwood on books! =)

Now I’ve got lots of reading materials. Yay. :P Haha, sorry for the seemingly lack of enthusiasm — I’m just really tired from this day, but I am quite happy. :) I knew it. Books really do make my day. :P

Watch out for book reviews in this blog sometime soon. Yeahbah. :)