Break Time

Argh. I have 65 pages to edit tonight for one of our clients, and my head is already reeling from a previous conversation my teammate and I had with this previous client. This previous client had been a bit of a headache for the past weeks, and now we’re trying to fix it but there’s so many pages to edit! :( Especially for me, since I have about five requests from that client, and it’s driving me nuts!

I miss day shift.

Speaking of day shift, since tomorrow and Friday are US holidays (Happy Thanksgiving :D), I’m going to mid shift tomorrow and day shift on Friday since there’s no use staying up late. Our floor is mainly a night shift floor so it’s quite alive at night, but this coming weekend would mean this floor would be empty. I planned to bring DVDs and whatnot to watch, but then it’s silly; I’ll just go to work in the morning. :)

Ack. So. Many. Pages!!! ~x( And I’m itching to write my novel to catch up on my word count. I finally found my groove, and my characters are finally talking to each other, plus I can finally see the scenes play out in my head, but I’ve got no time to write! I thought night shift would give me more time, but nooo, I’m swamped with work every single day. :( Hay.

I just realized, this is the first time I complained about my work, right? Interesting.

Anyway, it’s just 1 1/2 weeks till I end my night shift, and it’s going to be some months again before I do this. It’s interesting to see how many things I can do in a night, but it’s tiring to be sleeping during daytime instead of night time. My body clock is still screwed up, but I’ve adjusted already. It’s going to take more an a Hamilton watch before I could adjust back to day again. –;

I guess I better get back to work if I want to clock in some noveling time later. 65 pages I shall conquer j00!

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  1. I’m procrastinating at the moment too! i have about 2 1/2 hrs of work left and i have a stack of files to get through. Haaaay. I just wanna lie down in bed and read books UNGUILTILY. Hehehe!

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