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Let's talk about SexEd

After finishing a draft of a layout last night, I tuned in at the TV for some last-minute news before I go to sleep. Mind you, I don’t watch the news a lot so this is a big thing for me. Anyway, I caught a news segment on the Adolescent Reproductive Health (ARH) program of the Department of Education for high school students. ARH aims to teach high school students of how the reproductive system works, the various diseases that can happen in the reproductive system and how to avoid them. In simpler terms, ARH = sex education.

Of course, being in a “conservative” and highly “religious” country, there is much debate happening around this particular program — obviously it’s the Church against the pro-ARH people (I’m sorry for the lack of terms). That is expected, especially here where people debate about whether they’d show a certain kind of movie but end up showing it after all the hullaballoos. Anyway, from the news last night, the program has been shelved and there is still much discussion going on especially on the contents of the module.

My mom asked me last night what I think about it, and I told her exactly what I thought (and I think I came off a bit strong ^^; ). Now, I know how important educating teenagers about sex is. I’ve always believed that armed with proper knowledge about things, a person will be able to more or less make the right decisions in life. The same goes with having proper education about our reproductive system and how things work in our physical bodies; if you know how your body works and what happens, you will be able to take care of it better and avoid whatever would cause harm to them. So to be honest, I really think there’s nothing wrong about educating Filipino high school students about sex.

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Baptisms but no weddings

This morning during our last breakfast with Papa for his visit here in the country in Tropical Hut, my high school friend Chris arrived with some of his officemates from Teletech to eat breakfast. Because of his arrival, my mom, dad and I got to talking and then I stated one of my observations again: You’re getting older if you are starting to attend weddings instead of debuts.

Which is true, right? I mean, from fourth year high school up to smack in the middle of college, one of the most common events that everyone dresses up for and goes to are debuts of their female friends/classmates. After that, the next event would have to be weddings of their friends/classmates, and it wouldn’t be after a few more years (unless someone gets married right after college).

It’s just sad because I realized that I’ve heard more of baptisms from some of my friends instead of weddings. I wasn’t invited (I’m not a loner during high school, but I guess in some way I’m kinda socially inept. Haha, that’s the worst word I can use. I have personal issues during high school, things that I have noticed recently, but let’s reserve that for another entry), but I’ve heard some news from my friends who are more in touch. Of course, the age-range for my batch/generation/whatever you want to call us is way to young to get married (19-22). But it’s even way younger than the age we should be having children. You know?

I’m not condemning those people who I know that already have children at such a young age. I just feel sad that there seems to be more young women that I know that have children but are not married yet.

And then I watched in The Buzz earlier, before we left for the airport…and they were talking about Aleck Bovick being three months pregnant, I think…and they’re not even married. They are in a relationship, but you know, no wedding yet. The worst thing about that is, it feels and sounds okay.

That’s just…well, sad. Like I said, I’m not condemning the women who have children outside marriage or are pregnant right now or whatever case similar, I know that children are God’s gift and all…I just feel sad about the fact that it feels and sounds okay to the society that a couple in a relationship and who are probably headed for marriage would decide to “make love” before getting married with the excuse of “we’re headed toward that anyway” hanging over their heads. Wouldn’t it have been more magical if it happened the night after the wedding?

I’m sorry if this post offended anyone in any way. I’m just sharing my sentiments. Peace. :)