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Thursday Thirteen # 3: The Life Update

Let’s go simple this time. It’s time I update everyone about what’s happening in my life (like that’s so interesting, but then again this is my blog so I can post that :p). And this week has been quite interesting, so let’s get on with it. :)

Thursday Thirteen # 3: Things that happened to me this week

Thirteen Things that Happened to Me Since Thursday

  1. Friday, I went to school to visit and to support my friend Tuesday on her final thesis defense. Her defense was at 11:30, and I got there around 9:00am, so I hung out at the YFC Tambayan first and talked with the people there. Gosh, I missed the people there so much! :)
  2. Happy arrived a little while later and we went on our way to Gokongwei building to support Tuesday. We talked, then she slept at the lobby while I read as Tuesday’s defense went on.
  3. My iPod broke down. :( Actually, it’s my brother’s iPod because we switched so I was enjoying the benefits of having a 40GB iPod. The hardware corrupted and the sad iPod started showing up. Cute, but that it meant no music. :(
  4. While waiting, I got a call from one of the companies I got interviewed at weeks before, telling me that my job offer is ready. I scheduled a meeting for Tuesday next week.
  5. Tuesday went out a bit before 2:30pm, and their temporary verdict for their defense was re-demo. That meant that their group is one step closer to passing, but they had to do something more. Sooo….that meant Tuesday wouldn’t be able to go with the rest of us for the Elim Singles table talk. :( But oh well, it’s the last one she’s ever going to do something for thesis, so it’s okay.
  6. I met up with Bea, and she updated me with her life over some hot chocolate. Then we went to Gox to meet with Tue again. She got ticked off over some thesis thing and she had to do some things before we left for Elim Singles. Then I met up with Bung when Bea disappeared and she told me about what’s up with her life and YFC-DLSU. Then Bea came back and we met Happy at the LRT station to go to Katipunan. :)
  7. Elim Singles Table Talk! The Veggie Girls minus Tuesday spent most of the time laughing at some things only the three of us could laugh about that night. Haha. We even had a pseudo drinking session — with water. It looked real enough! :p
    August 18, 2006
  8. Saturday and Sunday was very…blah. We were supposed to go out but I ended up sleeping half the time. Finished reading The Big Over Easy by Jasper Fforde.
  9. Monday, I finally got to crack Gamehouse’s Mystic Inn and Delicious Deluxe. Spent most of the day reading and not worrying about my schedule the next day. ^^;
  10. Haw Flakes - click to see bigger imageTuesday, I went to the office of the company who called me last Friday to get the job offer. Read it and talked to my mom and brother about it. I bought The Eyre Affair by Jasper Fforde. Then we went grocery shopping. Grocery is always fun when I’m with my brother because we ended up getting a lot of snacks that we normally don’t buy because we don’t have money. :D We got to buy Haw Haw Milk Candies and Haw Flakes (some of my childhood candies :D).
  11. Tuesday finally passed her thesis. She’s going to graduate this October! :D All our prayers were answered :)
  12. Wednesday, I spent most of the day calling the HR of Sun Cellular to clarify some things. I went to the mall with my mom and spent some time in prayer at the Adoration Chapel at the EDSA Shrine. I finally made up my mind and made one of the biggest decisions in my life. The discernment I did was a big thing too, and I’ll reserve it for another post. :)
  13. And last, but not the least! Today, I accepted the job offer. :) I HAVE A JOB! Praise God!

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In a lot of ways, I'm just like you

Yesterday was a busy day for me and my feet are paying for all the walking I did. Late last Tuesday night, I got a call from Isla Lipana & Co, asking me to go to their office for an exam because they were considering me for a position. And because I have nothing better to do, I decided to go ahead. In the same night, I also submitted my application to other companies I’ve been meaning to apply to. Talon lang! :)

So Wednesday morning, I headed over to the shuttle service at our village’s gate to ride to Makati. It’s been a long time since I last rode there — more than a year ago. As I rode the FX, I felt kind of shaken because I realize that once I really do start working, I’d have to wake up this early to get to my office always. If it’s in Makati; I’ll be riding there, if it’s in Ortigas or somewhere else it’s a different route…but I’d be waking up that early again. I’d be going out 5 days a week to work…and you know what I really thought of? I’ll be missing most of my Disney shows in the morning. Haha, shallow, I know.

But I think it’s a good thing too…I just have to get used to it, you know? This is an uprooting and I should be thankful for it…because it would make me grow. So…bring it on, Lord!


L-R: Jasper, Chris, Toni the birthday boy, Jeka, Pauleen and me, @ Figaro, Brick Road

After a good lunch and long chat with some good friends, I headed home for Toni’s surprise at Figaro. I got to see some of my old high school friends again like Jessa and Jasper, who I haven’t seen for a long time. Toni had absolutely no idea with the surprise and it was nice to see his expression. I think the Figaro people were annoyed at our noise though. :P After finishing the cake, we went to Tiendesitas to eat again. I looked at the animals there and was sooooo in love with the big dogs they have there. ♥ And then we ate again, had some chats and then went home. It was tiring, but it was fun, and it proved that high school friends are indeed good friends…people who would be with you for a long time. We’ve changed, and but there is still a common bond there that makes us stick together, you know?

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Say hello to a new beginning

So how do I describe yesterday? It was not as bittersweet as high school graduation was. No one even shed a tear — maybe because it’s because we were all so happy that we made it through a major hurdle of our lives. And maybe, personally, I wasn’t that sad because I know we’d still be able to see each other afterwards. I don’t know how, but I just had this feeling that we’d still be seeing each other a lot even if we’re all done with school. Perhaps because we are bound to work in Makati? Or maybe meet again to talk about asset based lending or something. Haha, I don’t know. Or maybe it’s just because it would be easy to get together even after school because we know how to go around already, unlike in high school, when we were all still busy with the next chapter in our lives.

After the graduation ceremonyAnyway, the graduation yesterday was very…nice, for the lack of better words. :) It was so nice to see everyone all dressed up in black robes (ala Harry Potter style as Micko, Vida and I put it) and even if the ceremony was just too long, it was still fun. The event wasn’t as solemn as the school wanted it to be because we all just want to talk and laugh at the silly surnames (no offense :p) and at some bloopers onstage. Plus when Bro. Armin congratulated us and we finally turned our tassels to the other side, we couldn’t help but whoop at the joy of it all. It was nice seeing the smile on Bro. Armin’s face as I climbed on the stage and he recognized me (I hope he did…haha, he did have this expression on his face as if he knows me from the GK dinner we had) and getting the pseudo diploma and the DLSU pin. The singing of the Alma Mater song left us kind of bitin though…we’re used to singing it twice, but we only sang it once.

But it’s all good. :) We wanted to get pictures onstage, but everyone decided to go there so we decided not to anymore. After hanging at the PICC for a while, my parents and I headed over to SM Mall of Asia, ate lunch at Italianni’s, went around the mall (well, parts of it), bought shoes because our heels were killing us and went home. It was a good day. :) What an understatement.

And here’s the “obligatory” thanks message, even if half of these people won’t even read this. :P

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We made it :)

C2T6 IST 3rd term Batch

This is it. We’re finally here. We fought, and never gave in. And now we’re at one of the most awaited moments of our lives. I wish the others could share our victories, but then again, maybe we’re meant to encourage them so that they will get to where we are right now. :)

I’m glad that I went through everything with you guys. :)

Congratulations, Catch 2t6 IST 3rd term batch! :) May our friendship last as long as it could, and may we all share what we have learned to the world who needs to see the light that we have (Ang lalim!). Yey yey! :)