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Monday Questions

It’s Monday, and I’ve got some questions for y’all. :)

Happy Monday, everyone! Have a good week!

Philippine Blog Awards 2007 Update

Philippine Blog Awards 2007More info on the Philippine Blog Awards 2007! It’s starting to get really exciting! Nominations have been extended until tomorrow, March 4, so nominate your favorite blogs now! You may also nominate blogs for the special awards, if you think they’re deserving. :) The official list of nominees for the main categories and special awards are also up, so do pay a visit to them. :)

The Philippine Blog Awards 2007 is probably one of the most posh (poshiest? poshest? er…) event in the Philippine Blogosphere for this year. Why do I say so? Well, check out the details of the said event:

When: March 31, 2007, Saturday, 6:00-9:00pm
Where: Carlos P. Romulo Auditorium, Podium 4, RCBC Plaza, Makati City

Now I’ve only been to that auditorium once, during this Repertory Philippines play I watched with my parents, and I like it. DLSU’s Yuchengco Auditorium looks a lot like it (probably because Yuchengco owns RCBC?), and being in that place would make me reminisce big time. Aha!

Can’t wait! :) See you guys there! :)

Pinoy Big Brother Season 2

I’ve been a viewer of Pinoy Big Brother since the first season, and I am kind of excited for this new season…and in connection with this, I present to you: Chismosang Kapitbahay! :) It’s a blog where I talk about anything connected to PBB Season 2. My take, my opinions, my observations and whatnot. :P Comments are highly welcome; now come on and be a chismosa in Big Brother’s house. :D

2007 Philippine Blog Awards

I’m kind of late in blogging this…but better late than never!

Philippine Blog Awards 2007Early in my days of webdesign, when I was all so into cutesy pink kawaii stuff (Now who remembers that word? :P Kawaii!!!), I joined this site competition thing called The Site Fights (or was it something else? I think there was something like this called The Royal Rumble…wait, that’s wrestling… or The Site Rumble or whatever. Haha I might be wrong), where you join, your site gets evaluated, and once you’re in, there are different levels where you have to get into until you get to be TEH ULTIMATE SITE FIGHTS CHAMPION! Or…something like that. ;) To get into the different levels, people would have to vote for you and the winner with most votes will go to the next level while the rest will remain there. I remember getting into the second to last level, but I couldn’t move out from there because there was this site that looks so…um, kawaii, that everyone votes for it more. And it’s hosted on expages (I was hosted on gurlpages back then :P)…how can she beat me?! Arrogance aside, her site was actually quite…cute. Cuter…er, more kawaii than mine that is. Imagine lots of pink sparkly things, small iframe to hold her tiny text and shaking links…you know? Oh, and everyone still thinks the “Me, You, WWW” is still teh coolest thing for site navigation back then. ;)

When I realized that I might never move out of that place, I gave up and didn’t want to work on it anymore, until I moved to another host and forgot about it altogether.

But that’s not my point. The point here is…the 2007 Philippine Blog Awards is totally different from this. ;) I quote:

The Philippine Blog Awards aims to recognize notable FIlipino-owned blogs in their respective niches. With topics ranging from the arts, culture, technology and politics, Filipinos have become more abreast because of the fast growing blogging industry here and abroad. The Philippine Blog Awards is a venue to showcase notable blogs with quality content that engages readers from around the globe.

As Shari and Darwin said, this isn’t some contest you join and you’d get a blinkie to display on your site. No, no, this is bigger, better and more exciting, especially when you see the prizes! A trophy is better than a blinkie, yes? Of course.

And that 30GB iPod Video again. Lord, will this be my chance? Pleaaaase?

Nominations are open until February 28, so go and nomitate the blogs you think are worthy of winning the best in the these categories. :)

From the Blog Parteeh ’07 to the 2007 Philippine Blog Awards…2007 sure is shaping up to be a great year for the Pinoy Bloggers. :)

Godchicks: Putting God in the heart of the chick

We’ve waited for this for a loooong time and finally we have it up! No more words, it’s time to launch this!

Putting God in the heart of the chick.

What’s Godchicks? It’s a group blog/semi-eZine made by me and three of my friends, Tuesday, Bea and Happy. :D Godchicks is based on Holly Wagner’s book entitled God Chicks. This blog is up for all of us to share to everyone our insights, adventures and other interesting things for Godchicks out there. :) We try our best, with God’s grace to be real Godchicks, and we hope that in some way, we would be able to help other girls to become Godchicks themselves. :D

But wait! Godchicks isn’t just for chicks! Although all of us are chicks (haha, that felt weird), and mostly we’d be talking about girl stuff, guys may also visit this site to read about what may go on inside a Godchick’s mind…you may also learn how to understand Godchicks better here, relieving you of some burden in deciphering girl language. ;) Of course, we’d also love to hear from you (don’t we all?).

And with the opening of Godchicks, since it’s Valentine’s day, we‘d be talking about that crazy little thing called love. ;) Feed your love sickness and Valentine’s fever the Godchicks way! Come on now, click! =)

Wohoo! :D

When Boredom Strikes (Episode 1)

Ever since the Blog Parteeh, I noticed that my blog’s traffic increased. I blame it on meeting new people who are actually interested in reading other people’s blogs because they own one. I’ve been finding more motivation to blog and to find interesting things to blog about (I actually have a list of things to blog in my planner, so I won’t forget). It’s nice to be able to practice my writing and learn about new things through this.

Since I can’t possibly visit every blog every day, I decided to go ahead and use an RSS feed reader which I can access everywhere. I used to have Feed Reader installed in my laptop but I couldn’t install it in the office so I couldn’t exactly make use of it anymore. I decided to go web based, and among all feed readers I chose, it’s hello to Google Reader. :)

But I won’t be talking about Google Reader here because it’s pretty much straightforward (just like Gmail, only it’s for RSS) and I don’t want to bore you. Earlier today, I added some Google feed bundles and here are some of the interesting stuff I found (which is hereby christened: When Boredom Strikes :P):

  • Intermittent Internet? Here’s Five Six Things To Do With a PC When You Have No Internet Connection. Interesting and quite useful. I should do those one of these days, even if my Internet’s normal. [Digg]
  • Did you know that more water is used in the production of a plastic bottle than the water it contains? Pablo Calculates the True Cost of Bottled Water. [Digg]
  • February 14 is fast approaching, and by next week, we’d be seeing the color red all over…why is the color red so powerful anyway? Learn more about it by clicking on the link. [Digg]
  • I want to do the same thing to my roof in the future. But maybe I’ll choose another cartoon character. Rainbow Brite? [Google Sightseeing]
  • How about this? The World’s Smallest Parks. Mills End Park is kind of…well, small! How did they even classify this one as a park being that small? It’s like a small section of a sidewalk in our village. [Google Sightseeing]
  • I love the Snickers chocolate bar, but since I live in a place where there is no Snickers commercial or Superbowl, I didn’t know about their controversial commercial being pulled off air. Interesting but IMHO the commercial’s kind of weak in terms of enticing the consumer. Or maybe it’s just me, since I’m not amused with these kinds of things. If you want to watch the commercial, just search for it yourself. :P
  • This isn’t from Google Reader technically, but I read his post there first. :P So wait, it is from Google Reader. Anyway, Elber posted some interesting links in his Link Love post for February 6. As opposed to the other people I know, I’m not an 80’s kid since I was born late 80’s…most of my memories were in the 90’s, and Back to the Nineties is the perfect site for me to reminisce! Read about old TV Shows such as Full House (as in Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen), Sailormoon, Gimik, TGIS, old places such as Glico’s or even old bands and magazines such as BOP! There’s even something about Choki Choki! Come on, don’t tell me you don’t know that! :P My mom used to buy a box of that at Makro. :)
  • Dropping by Apples‘ site one time (through Google Reader, yes) led me to this: Sunday Reflections. It’s a blog filled with reflections for every Sunday of the year. Inspiring stuff, makes you learn more about the Gospels and Filipino Catholic traditions.

I hope by the time you’re done with this, you’re not bored anymore. :P Aaaah, this was fun! I’m going to make this link post a regular. :P

Oh yeah, and I now have an answer to this question I posted before. :) I’ll reveal what I chose in the next few days, when I get and pay for the unit. :D Yay yay! But for now, bed time! Thursday tomorrow, yay! It’s almost Friday!

Good night! :)

Speaking of…

Wow, it’s already February. Where did January go?

My thumb hurts. I’ve been texting the entire time since the time I commuted from the office just to finish off the free SMS of the test SIM cards I brought home. I am only at my first SIM which still has 30+ free SMS and I have about three more to go.

What shall I do for that? Anybody want a textmate until tomorrow lunchtime? I just need to send messages to someone until it runs out…but I’d use those to get a good conversation. :) My textmates right now are silent…I wonder why? Did they get tired of my texting? I hope not. Or is the signal just weak?

Speaking of SMS, I just heard of Globe’s new scheme for their Unlimited SMS service, and all I know is that people are going to complain (in fact, I got a message earlier about boycotting this new scheme), especially for those who bought a Globe SIM just because of their Unlimitxt service (namely, me). Comparing the highest and longest rate for all day unlimited texting, the old Php50/5days is now Php80/4days. From Php10/day to Php20/day! That’s not right. Okay, so they also have the unlimited day and unlimited night texting…say I turned the Day Unlimited, that’s Php30 for 2 days, and then Night Unlimited, that’s Php20 for 2 days…that’s Php50 for only 2 days! HELLO?!

Sorry, I just want to rant.

Speaking of phased outthe floppies have flopped. I remember playing with some speed-reading programs and decathlon games on our PC from time kopong-kopong days (translation: PCs with green and black screens running on MS-DOS :P), but that’s with mini-floppy disks, the one you can fan yourselves with and get a considerable amount of air. What I do remember about the microfloppy disks (3.5″) is that my brother and I used to play Jeopardy and Prince of Persia in my dad’s borrowed laptop. That’s with the black and white screen, still running on MS-DOS. :p I remember owning a lot of 3.5 floppies for backup of files, school work and even up to college, passing it for machine projects! I don’t know how to feel about it saying goodbye, since I hardly use diskettes anymore (too many corrupted diskettes and files lost because of mishandling…how sad). But it sure has a lot of “fond” memories associated with it somehow.

And speaking of memories…here’s something that would put the Blog Parteeh ’07 into the memories of more people: Bo SanchezPreacher in Blue Jeans episode of the Blog Parteeh ’07, featuring interviews of Jun, Noemi, Aileen and Sorsi, plus Marcelle‘s magic show for Bo. :) Sorsi told me after she was interviewed to get myself interviewed too, but I’m not much in front of the camera. I’m more of the behind-the-scenes person…but still, I was mentioned there! :D Now go watch it; I can’t embed it here without losing the text after the video.

Speaking of can’t…my test SIM that I’m supposed to be emptying of balance is not receiving any text messages. I can send, but I cannot receive anything at all. No wonder my textmates are now silent. Argh. Now how can I get rid of all those free text tomorrow?! All day texting until 5pm?! My poor thumb! :(

Maybe this means I shouldn’t bring “work” home.

Speaking of home…I better hit the sack. I want to get to work early tomorrow so I can get out at 6:30 for a blogger’s dinner at Makati. :D Good night everyone!


As I was on my way home last night, I realized something.

I don’t hate my job. I don’t even dislike it.

Well, that’s good.


I don’t love it either.

Maybe I like it. But it’s not something I really like (see the emphasis). It’s like when you have a friend that you don’t hate or dislike…but you like that person but not like like. You get what I mean?

So why am I still here if I don’t love it?

Like I said, it’s not that I hate it. I’m doing pretty okay here actually, and I’m learning a lot. I’m making friends (I think). I’m being exposed to the industry (somewhat, but it’s kind of a different industry, actually)! I’m learning how to be professional! But…it doesn’t give me a thrill. Whenever people ask me how I’m doing with my job, I always say, “I’m learning a lot,” never “I love it!” Call it limbo. Somewhere in between.

I don’t feel the excitement you get in doing something you know you love. Like the feeling of a photographer when he sees his photos developed/printed, or when a writer gets hit by a new idea or sees his creation published, or heck, even when a shopper learns about an upcoming sale! That feeling, the feeling in your gut that no matter how difficult the task ahead may seem, it’s okay because you know that you’d love every step you’d be taking on the way and the victory is sweet because you know you loved it.

I think the word here is passion.

I think…that my staying here is influenced by the fact that I like the idea of being able to work. I like the idea of earning my own money and being busy. Of being able to do something productive with my time.

But what if that wears off?

I want to do what Anberlin sings in Time & Confusion: It’s not about the money we make / it’s about the passions that we ache for / what makes your heart beat faster? / tell me now what does your body long after? I want to do something I’m passionate about. Something that makes my heart beat faster whenever I think of it. Something that would make me look forward to waking up every Monday because I know I’m going to enjoy my day.

I wonder if maybe I’m not giving my current job a chance. I mean, I’ve only been there for four months…which is obviously very small amount of time. What do I know about the corporate world in four months? What if I’m feeling this only because of all the not-so-good things I heard, or because I find myself unknowingly comparing myself to other people? What if I’m allowing myself to be influenced, when in the first place I shouldn’t even listen to them? I feel like if I do a career move anytime soon, in anytime less than a year or two years, I am a quitter. And I am definitely not that.

But how do you qualify what quitting is? When can you say when one person is a quitter or not? What if you decide to follow your passion, and in following that you had to change careers in a short span of time, is that quitting?

What will I do now? Am You opening up doors of opportunity here, Lord, or am I thinking highly about myself? Should I go or take my time and see how things unfold before I make a move? (Well the answer to this question is obvious.)

Lord, I need help? Am I acting on my own here or is this really You behind everything I’m hearing and seeing?

Hay, why is growing up so complicated? *sigh*

On another note, because I want to be some sort of “Fairy Godmother” today, I’d make someone‘s wish come true. I’d like to plug Riz‘s pet project, Ituloy Angsulong. You go girl!

Off I go to finish reading The Martyr’s Song by Ted Dekker and cry. :P Oh, I’m crying because of the book okay? :)

Good night! :)

Multi-category post

Update: I finally have Google Adsense in my site. I’ve been hearing lots of things about this and the main (and probably only) reason why I signed up for this is to earn money. Why not? I mean, there’s no harm in putting them here, as far as I am concerned. Don’t worry, I won’t be changing my posts to get higher-paying ads. :)

Randomnities: I got my temporary driver’s license today. Okay, I got it yesterday, actually, but today I went back to the Land Transportation Office (LTO) to get my second picture taken for the actual card. I got to see my picture there and in fairness, it actually looked good! Haha, but I need to practice driving. Badly. I was the one who drove the Lite Ace out of the garage earlier and though I managed to get it out without any accidents or the engine shutting down, my brain got all frazzled because there’s so much to do/so much happening with manual cars. BOO. I also got the (automatic) Lancer our earlier and that was easier. Of course, duh, it’s automatic.

So now, I’m gonna need to practice on manual, but I think I’ll be driving the automatic more. Because it’s easier and it’s less hassle to the mind. Haha. And tomorrow, I’ll be driving that car! Wohoo! I make it sound easy, but to be honest? Everytime I drive, my nerves get to work. Haha. I’ll get used to this. By November I shall be able to drive at EDSA! I claim it! :P

Pluggings: I joined a couple of message boards recently, just to kill time: Intrigue MB, Radiant MB and PhilWorship Forum. It’s pretty fun, though Intrigue MB needs more people, so if you’re not doing anything much and you want to pass time and meet new friends, go join Intrigue MB! =) My nickname there is stargirl. PhilWorship Forum is for Filipino Christians who want to talk about Christian music and worship, so if you like those two, go register! :D

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