CSI: New York

I’m not much of a TV person, except for all things childlike (Nickelodeon, Disney Channel) and my daily local teleserye fix. I’m not at all knowledgable in any foreign local shows unless I put my full attention to it — I could count the ones I focus on with my fingers: Joan of Arcadia and One Tree Hill. My thesismates used to watch CSI during our thesis nights, but since I am not a fan of anything gory, I never watched it.

Thanks to my brother, his girlfriend, CSI:NY DVDs for her and his Sony PSP, I got to watch CSI. New York, specifically. Yes, I’m still not a fan of the gore, but can I just say: I love this show.

I haven’t had the chance to watch Vegas or Miami, so all I can rave about is the New York version, but I love it. Again, despite the gore and the show’s uncanny ability to make me a bit paranoid, I love how it goes. I like the intrigue, I like the characters, I like the stories and the way they all work. The gadgets in the lab, the high-tech cameras, the complexities of the case, how they work, the way they find and piece together their evidences — ah, the geekness! I love! ♥

If their profession wasn’t so dangerous, and if the sight of blood doesn’t make me recoil, I’d love to be a part of CSI. Especially in the evidence investigation.

But, since I can’t…I’d have to settle for writing something like that. :P I’m thinking of writing something similar on Script Frenzy (don’t know about that? Now go and check it out!), which means I better get watching more to get some ideas. :P