Happy Birthday, Toni!

If I try to list all the things that we’ve been through, this space would not be enough. So I won’t. In fact, I’ll keep this birthday message short and sweet because I wrote what I have to say in the scrapbook. Okay, maybe I’ll add a bit more here. Haha.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, TONI! We’ve been friends for so long, and things have changed and are still changing…we’ve been through a lot, and right now we’re still going through some things, but through it all, we’re still friends. :) Remember that you’ll always be my friend whatever happens — don’t believe the way I act. Haha. But seriously. I thank you for being the friend you’ve been all these years. And I look forward to more years of friendship between us. :) I’m always here for you…if I don’t make paramdam, I probably don’t have load in Globe. Haha. BUT, rest assured, I’m always praying for you. :) Got that?

And you’re the only one who can understand the meaning of this title. HAHAHA. :P More birthdays and blessings to come! :) And again, here’s to more years of friendship together! *clink* Waboo! God loves you! ♥