So last week, my brother, his girlfriend and I set off to watch Eclipse, after I invited them to when we dropped off our mom to the airport. I wasn’t particularly excited about it because I’ve long been disenchanted by the Twilight series. I could have chosen other movies to watch, yes, but I watched this for the following reasons:

  1. Shirtless Jacob/Taylor Lautner (I can’t deny it, he has fab abs)
  2. Everyone would be watching it

Yeah, abs and peer pressure. What a combination.

As expected, there were a lot of people in the cinema, and we managed to catch the last few seats in the cinema. For a last full show, the cinema was full, and I was wary on hearing squeals of delight all over the cinema if anything squeal-worthy comes on screen.

So was there anything squeal worthy?


I came out of the cinema two hours later thinking that it was probably the most boring movie I ever watched. I can’t say it was absolutely bad, but it was totally bland. Not even the shirtless Jacob moments gave me a reason to like it. I hate to be so judgmental of something, but I didn’t get any excited with any scene, and I didn’t know they could get worse in acting. To think Eclipse was the book I liked the most. And other people were saying Eclipse was a better movie than New Moon. It was? But why did I feel like sleeping or doing something else  while I was in the cinema?

Maybe I’ve really just outgrown the series. Maybe it’s because I’m not a fan, and most of the time, I shudder whenever I hear anything about the saga. True, I read The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner for a review, but that didn’t enhance my movie watching experience.

Maybe it’s really just not for me anymore. *shrug*

I hear Breaking Dawn will be split into two movies. I don’t think I’ll troop to the cinemas to watch it, though — I disliked Breaking Dawn, and I don’t think it will be any better on screen. :| I’d rather click here, choose another movie, or wait for the DVD. Or skip it all together. Whichever. Even if Taylor Lautner is there.

On the other hand, I sure wish they don’t murder the Flipped movie.

No offense to Twilight/Eclipse fans, just blogging my reaction (or lack thereof) to the movie. What did you think of Eclipse, though? Share in the comments. :)