Even the office is cooperating

2008 Goals - Total Wellness Program of IBS

Ha, even the office is cooperating with all the goal-setting I’ve started this year. On the first working day for 2008 (and my official sixth month at work, woot woot!), I was greeted by that piece of paper on my desk. This piece of paper is from the Total Wellness Program of our company, a program of our HR department which aims to develop their employees as a whole. Most of the focus of the program is the employees’ physical and financial aspects, as well as the working attitude. I find this program really cool because it makes me feel like I’m being taken care of. I remember one time before Christmas, all employees got 2 apples, 2 bananas and 2 oranges each because it was antioxidant day. :P

Anyway. So this little piece of paper greets me and it’s about — exactly what it says — my goals for 2008. And I just have to laugh because I just wrote my own goals the day before. Even if this is from the office, the instruction on this card says we must not put work-related goals (since we have that in a separate document which is required every year), but things we want to achieve within the year. It must be something that could stretch our limits, yet attainable. We were encouraged to write them down, and put them somewhere we could always see it (which reminds me, I should do this one for the previous list I made). We could even partner with another employee to check the progress. I have a feeling that sometime in the middle of the year or at the end of the year, they’d be asking for contributions on how the goals set at the start of the year were accomplished.

As you can see, my sheet’s still blank. It only has space for five goals, so I’m choosing which ones I would write there. I promise to write them and stick them on Guilo’s (my PC at work) CPU so I can always read them. :) Let’s see how this works.

And can I just say (again)? I love my company. :D

One thought on “Even the office is cooperating”

  1. Hey TINA,

    I hope you do much better with your 2008 resolutions. Maybe I should start making resolutions; it might help shooting for goals which are written down rather than just thought up as the year plays out.

    Anyway, I’m sure you’ll work hard and realize some of them. You’ll be able to at least jump rope and drive on your own in no time right? Right! (=-

    I was looking back at your old entries and saw the one (01) from Aug 2006. You posted a picture of “Black” which I sent from Korea. Funny, since the post it has my name on it and is on a TED dekker book, it looks like you received if from Dekker himself. How funny! I got a kick out of that.

    Anyway, all the best this year TINA.

    Peace be with you always. And may GOD continue to bless you.



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