Final thoughts on job hunting

Yes, you read that right. FINAL. If you read my previous post, you’d know what I mean. If not…then let me say it once again: I HAVE A JOB!

It’s funny how God fixed things to happen and how He is still making things happen in my life, constantly catching me off guard. Monday last week (was it just last week? I can’t believe it), I was bummed out and all because of all the job hunting woes I suddenly got. Tuesday morning, I was praying and I was crying out to God that I just don’t want to disappoint anyone with the choices I’m making with my life. As I was reading my prayers the day before, I saw that my prayer was that God move me from the job hunting and future funk I got myself into. I needed some kind of motivation…and what do you know, I got what I prayed for. :P It was then I realized that we ask God something, and when He answers it, we don’t realize that what we’re seeing is the answer already because we think His answers are always in favor of us when in fact, it’s not. Hard lesson to learn, I know.

Anyway, so Tuesday morning, I decided to go ahead and send my resume to Accenture, which my mom has been pressing me to do for the longest time. They even sent me a letter, but I set it aside thinking that it’s going to be my last resort. I just didn’t really feel it, you know? But after Monday, I couldn’t exactly hold my fort anymore, so I decided to send my resume come Tuesday morning. As I tried to connect to the Internet to send my resume, it turns out we have no more prepaid card. I was suddenly hit with a thought that maybe God doesn’t want me to send it yet…and then I countered that with “You’re using Him as an excuse again!” so I connected with our backup account (the one we’re not supposed to use as much because it gets reflected in our phone bill) and sent my resume.

Around noontime, I was at our family dermatologist’s clinic because my brother had his feet checked up when I got a call from this other company I got interviewed in a few weeks back. I’ve been waiting for their call for more than three weeks already and to be honest I’ve already given up hope when they didn’t call…so it was a surprise. I answered it and the HR person told me that they are considering me for the job and they’re just preparing my job offer and that they’ll call me within a week. Talk about JOY! Then I remembered the Accenture application — from all the news from my friends, Accenture gives the job offer right after the medical…what if they suddenly call the next day?

That night, I got home and checked my email…and what do you know? The email I sent to Accenture bounced back. I was sure I got the right email…but it went back. I couldn’t help but laugh and praise God at what happened. If that wasn’t from God, I don’t know what is. :P

By Friday, the HR of the company calls again and I schedule an appointment for Tuesday. Come Tuesday, I got to the HR early and I was there for like, just 30 minutes. Needless to say, the salary wasn’t as much as I expected it to be…in fact, it’s way lower than what I wanted it. My mom and brother told me to accept it because it would be good for my experience — I could just stick it for two years and then leave…by that time I’d only be 22, still young and be able to get a new job. Then came the internal debate…should I take this or wait for the next one instead?

I had three days to consider, and by Tuesday night, I semi-accepted it already. But I was bothered because I don’t know if I’m making the right decision. There’s nothing that can bother me so much than the possibility of making the wrong choice. :-s Especially for something as crucial as this.

Wednesday morning, I got up and prayed. The Gospel for the day was Matthew 20:1-16, which was about the workers in the vineyard. Now normally, I’d have a hard time understanding that…then I read Sabbath (this daily devotional thing I have) and these lines jumped out at me: We cannot presume too much about ourselves before God but we can expect more than what we can imagine from Him always. I realized then that I was hesitant to accept the job because the salary was lower than what I expected for someone in my field and for someone who graduated from La Salle…and to think I told myself that the salary doesn’t really matter at all. I realized that the salary is just a trivial thing for me; after all, I’m not supporting anyone financially just yet, in fact, my parents still and will provide for me. The money I’ll be getting from the salary will be given to my luxuries mostly. And just because I came from La Salle doesn’t mean my salary has to be that high.

Don’t get me wrong; I believe in getting paid for what I deserve…but what do I deserve anyway? I mean, I’m just a newbie, I have no idea on the job whatsoever and I’m asking for a really big salary already — that’s just absurd. The job itself is already a big blessing for me, I prayed for this and I got what I prayed for…isn’t that what I should be thinking about? The temptation to compare it with others is also there, but I reminded myself that I shouldn’t compare because it’s not my business to compare the sizes of my blessing with another person because God blesses each one of us differently. And it’s not like my salary is going to remain like that forever; I’m sure somewhere along the way, it’s going to climb higher, when God sees that I need it already.

After all these thoughts and talking to my mom, I decided to take the leap and accept the job. But wait! Think it’s over? Not yet. :p

I called the HR this morning to tell them of my decision and headed there after lunch. As I got to Galleria, Ramuel sent me an SMS asking me where I was and then he informed me of the status of the Smart job application he referred me to. I told him that I was about to sign for Sun, and he told me that the Smart HR people were calling me for the past week but they keep on getting the wrong number. Now I know I put my number right on the resume…so why can’t they contact me? I started wondering again, and started doubting…maybe I should wait for Smart? Then I realized…if God had wanted me to go to Smart, their call would and should have gone through. With that realization, I found myself laughing because I was sure that God was the one responsible for this. :)

So at around 3:00pm earlier, I signed my job offer, got my pre-employment forms and checklists and whatnot and now, I am not a statistic anymore. Well, okay, not officially. :) But I have a job! My first job! :) Wow. :D I’m excited and nervous but I just remember that God has never ever let me down, so why should this be the first time He would?

Whew. So here’s my last thoughts on job hunting. And I’m off to the world of the workplace. Haha, I make it sound so interesting…but who knows, maybe it is. :) This is one ride I’m surely not going to miss.

The ride starts September 4. Pray for me as I go through all the requirements (especially the medical exam!). :D Bring it on, Lord! :) I love You!