Five Great Adventures

I’m a little bit late, but I’ve got less than an hour before the clock strikes midnight in Honolulu, Hawaii which is the deadline for this, so I still have time. :P This is my contribution to Darren Rowse‘s Group Writing Project.

I’ve talked about my Great Adventure lots of times, and here’s another post about it. Bo Sanchez said that one thing we should do to make our dreams and ambitions come true is to write it down, because if we only think about it, it’s just what it is: thoughts. Writing them down makes them more concrete, and reading it everyday helps make it come true. So ever since I turned 21, I attached a list to my journal and (try to) read it everyday. The list is far from done, but at least I’ve got started. :P

Here are Top 5 things from my Great Adventure List (in no particular order):

  1. Learn how to jumprope. I used to play lots of jumping games when I was a kid (Ten-Twenty, Chinese Garter) but I never learned how to jumprope. How sad is that? I’ve tried it some time, but I always mix my jumps up (my officemate told me that I lack dexterity or something like that that’s why I have a hard time doing jumps). I want to learn this just because I want to, and I hear it’s a great exercise to lose weight. :p
  2. Get a degree in Creative Writing. The other day, my college thesismate Micko told me about the MA program in our alma mater. I checked out some programs in the College of Liberal Arts and the MA in Creative Writing program made me drool. The first subject (Fiction Writing Techniques) already made my heart quicken — I waaaant! If I didn’t take up Computer Science in college, I would’ve taken up Creative Writing instead. Seeing this MA program in DLSU might be the thing I’ve been waiting for. :D
  3. Travel, travel, travel. Who doesn’t want this? One of my realizations after graduating is that I want to see the world. I want to visit different countries, be able to actually see the things I have only seen in TV/books/magazines/postcards before. I want to travel around the Philippines and the world. While I’m still single, I figure I better start doing this now. I don’t want to settle down until I have been able to travel, you know? Some places in my (growing) list are: [Philippines] Vigan, Batanes, Pagudpud, Ifugao, Bohol, Palawan, Davao (take 2!), Cebu, Albay, Aklan, Mindoro, Sulu; [outside the Philippines] New York City, Florida, California, Australia, Rome, Malaysia, China, Africa, Egypt, India, Israel, Indonesia — that’s just to name a few. :P My target for next year is: Sydney, Australia (MISSION: SYDNEY). Hello, World Youth Day 2008! Hello, Hillsong!
  4. Put up a bookstore. It’s no secret that I love books. A bookstore for me is like a candy shop or toy store to a kid. One time, after a book shopping spree, my mom said, “Why don’t you put up a bookstore?” Which made me think, “Why not?” I have yet to figure out the specifics, but I’ve already got people to dream with me here — right Bea? :)
  5. Drive on my own. It’s been a year since I went for driving lessons, but up to now I still couldn’t drive our car on my own. Well, one reason is because my mom returned my driver’s license to the driving school since it says I’m male instead of female, but the other reason is that…well I’m scared. :-s I know how to drive both manual and automatic (but I have to practice on the manual more), but the only thing closest to real driving I’ve ever done (besides my driving lessons, of course), is to drive the automatic Lancer out of our garage and sometimes, drive home from Sunday mass (with an average speed of less than 40kph and hazard lights turned on :p). I need to drive on my own. I have to! How will I ever get myself a Honda Jazz and name it Betty if I can’t even drive to the nearest mall on my own?!

Well that was fun. Maybe I’d do pick another five soon, or make a progress report on these five things. :P How about you? What are your great adventures?

35 thoughts on “Five Great Adventures”

  1. Are you going for WYD? :) I want to see you if you’re here a! Hehe.

    One of my life dreams is to open up a bookstore as well. Just thinking about waking up every morning and knowing you’re going to be surrounded by books all day long would simply be perfect. :)

  2. Hi! Have you heard of Larry Gamboa’s Think Rich Pinoy Seminar? You’re invited to attend on May 19,2007 – in Makati.
    If you’re out of the country, then – hope you can blog about it! :)

    Visit for details.

    P.S. Bo Sanchez will make a special surprise appearance there! So see you.

  3. Oh yes, who wouldn’t want to travel. Most of my friends (engineers – I still chuckle when I call em that) have left the country for jobs that call for a lot of travel. WAAAAAAH. Lucky them.

    Putting up a bookstore might be fun, but you might end up reading all the books you have before you sell them. :p

    Good luck with the car and the license, Tina.

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