Getting Ready

In less than 6 hours, I shall be in the Rizal Memorial Center at Vito Cruz. I shall be sitting (or standing) right at the front row of Ninoy Aquino Stadium, near speakers and bright flashing lights, singing my heart out in a Hillsong United worship.

I. Can’t. Wait.

This is going to be totally random, but you know how much you look forward to something and now that the thing you were looking forward to is almost there, you don’t want it to arrive anymore because you won’t have something to look forward to after? I feel like that. I can’t wait for tonight, but I half wish it isn’t tonight just yet because…it would be over soon. And I sorta don’t want that.

Plus the fact that I have work tomorrow. I wish this was in a weekend, so you know, I could rest and marvel at how amazing tonight is going to be and all. You know.

Anyway I told you it’s random. I’m at the office, writing and waiting for things to happen regarding with some emails I sent and after my meeting later, I shall be out of here. Wohoo.

I want to buy slippers, man. For tonight. Hm. Maybe I should go down later? Let’s see.

Back to work.

3 thoughts on “Getting Ready”

  1. huy tinaa!! :)

    everytime i drop by your site, there’s always seomthing new! haaay. i wish i can do css the same way you guys do. hehe. puro pre-made templates lang ako sa wordpress. :)

    YAY HILLSONG IN LESS THAN THREE HOURS!! I SOOO CAN’T BELIEVE. :) we might not see each other there pero hehe, im glad to know na you’ll be there too :) rock on for Jesus :)

  2. You’re going too! And RIZ! JENNY was talking about going too. AWW! I want to go! Bummer. Anyway, I’m glad you wil get to enjoy it. It’s a good reward for sticking to your writing. Let me know how it was. I mean it’l be awesome, but you know. Haha!

    Have fun sister. *SQUEEZE*

    Peace be with you always. And may GOD continue to bless you


  3. The last time I saw United Live, we were in line for 4 hours so that we could get good seats… then we didn’t even stay at the seats cause we went right up to the stage, hehe. Hope you enjoy the concert – is it their United We Stand Tour?

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