Goodbye for now, "Sylvia"

Today I bought my brother’s birthday gift, the first expensive birthday gift I got for him. Funny thing is, he knew what the gift is already since I wanted to make sure it’s something he liked so I called him before buying it. Meaning I destroyed the entire element of surprise. Of course, it’s still in the box, and I told him he could only open it on Saturday, which is his birthday. So now it’s sitting pretty in my room, waiting for his day. Oh, it’s a 12″ model of Leonidas from 300 with sound, if you want to know. :)

So I paid it with my trusty card and I started cringing. Ah, how hard it is to start spending so much on my card just because I’m getting paid more now than before. Before I got my new job, I hardly used my card because I know I’m going to have a hard time paying for it. Now that I have a considerably higher salary, I find myself spending a lot more than I wanted to. Ooooh, look at that book! It’s P500? It’s okay, I have card! Ooooh, this top looks so cute! I want it! Swipe!

So my credit card bill comes in today and I cringe. It’s not really that high as the last recorded (but if you add this month and next month’s it’s pretty high -_- ) but it’s certainly more than I want to pay for. Not to mention my October bill is almost as high as this month’s. Hay. No I’m not regretting anything (although there was this one purchase where I could’ve saved P300 from this thing I bought…but let it gooooo) I bought — most of them are important (groceries and stuff) and if not, something I really wanted to buy (like my new Bible, my Chucks, my new work shoes and my brother’s gift), it’s just…ergh. You know what I mean. And not that I can’t pay for it either; I can, now that I just got paid for this other raket I just had. But of course, it’s hard to part with that much money like that, you know?

Of course, I get what I pay for. Or swipe for. Whatever.

Now it’s time to tighten my belt a little and stop using my trusty silver [insert bank name here] credit card that I now call Sylvia. Starting tomorrow, I will not bring it anymore until I have paid off all my debts (hopefully by October). I will not use it unless it’s a real emergency (see the emphasis on real).

The new tops can wait. The new books can definitely wait (I still haven’t made a dent on my reading list!). The other luxuries can wait for now. Sylvia, be safe in your box in my desk. I shall see you in a month or so. :)

Oh, and no, I won’t apply for a credit card. Not a new one!

I need more rakets! Keep on writing, Tina!

5 thoughts on “Goodbye for now, "Sylvia"”

  1. Oooh, that’s a cool gift.

    Ah, I know what you mean about spending more when you earn more… A few years ago, my earnings jumped up considerably… about US $10,000… Unfortunately, it put me in a higher tax bracket, so the government took a bigger chunk of my pay. Then I thought I had more, so I was spending more…

    The irony was, I was supposedly earning more… and working MORE HOURS… for essentially, what seemed to amount to the same pay before my salary raise. It wasn’t really worth it — more responsibility, more hours, more stress at work, less play.

    That’s why I left the 9-5 corporate office job 2 years ago.

  2. Fruity: Yes it’s a cool gift. :D Haha it’s so biiig.

    Like what they always say, when you earn more, you spend more. :D I have no problem with my job anyway and I actually think they’re paying me more since half the time we’re not really doing anything. I am just shocked with everything I seem to be spending for. :P

    And taxes are EVIIIIIL. When I see my payslip every month, I wonder where my taxes really go. Hmm. I could buy two of my brother’s birthday gifts with my monthly taxes. Hay hay.

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