Goodbye September, hello October

It’s the first two days of October and I’m nursing a runny nose and a just-healed sore throat, but I’m starting to get my bearings again after such a busy month. There’s still some leftover stuff that aren’t finished from September, but it’s almost done so there’ll be more breathing room, hopefully.

So October. The tenth month of the year — how fast does 2008 go? I can’t believe the year’s almost over. Pretty soon it’ll be November (NaNoWriMo time — please make sure and visit!) and then it’s December, and it’s the year-end party at work (last major project!) and then the year’s over! Whew.

I still owe a lot of entries, which I need to write before November rolls in since I’ll be pretty busy come that month. If only I could tear myself away from the TV shows (major distraction I tell you — especially FRIENDS!), and the plotting. But for tonight, I’m sleeping early to rest. After watching two more episodes of FRIENDS. :P

Next up, a post on the Cebu trip. Hopefully. If not, a post on the Tree Planting. :P Let’s see. :)