Hair + Oil spills = ???

You’ve probably heard of the Guimaras Oil Spill, which is already the worst case of oil spill the Philippines has ever had. In fact, Western Visayas is already in a state of calamity and more oil is still leaking from the sunken vessel. :(

It’s hard that it seems like we can’t do anything…but WE CAN! How? Get a haircut? :)

[Excerpt taken from Yam‘s LJ]

TV Patrol had a short clip about human hair as a solution for oil spills after giving news about the Guimaras catastrophe. This is very interesting. Did you know that around 1.4 million pounds of hair can ‘adsorb’ (not absorb, but adsorb – 11 million gallons of crude oil?! Just think how all the salons in the country can help out. Even barbershops. (I’m serious about this) This is a non-expensive, very feasible way of helping out.

Someone just died today from inhaling too much of the fumes from the oil spill.

Read more about hair and oil-spills HERE.


You can donate your hair to help clean the Guimaras waters!!! Please click here for the full story. Time is very precious and the oil slick is spreading so fast that we must take a part in helping out.

Reyes Haircutters are collecting hair and will be delivering them to the disaster area. Philippine International Hairdressers Association is also helping out to address the issue.

So if you’ve been planning a haircut, this is the best time to get it now! Guys, if you can, go shave your heads just this once! Girls, get that flattering cut you’ve been wanting for so long! You’re not only getting a new look, you’re also helping the environment! Go to any Reyes Haircutter branch or the main branch in Anonas, Quezon City, or call +63 2 9136252.

Please do repost this message on your blogs, LJs, Multiply or Friendster bulletin boards. Let’s do our part. :)

Too bad I don’t need a haircut right now. :-s Unless I find a cut I like. Maybe I’ll look for one. Hmm. Think I would look nice with bangs? That’s a thought. But tell your friends about this! :)

I’ll talk more about the stuff happening in my life tomorrow, before or after the Thursday Thirteen post. Life’s interesting, and it’s a big rollercoaster ride, but who’s complaining? Certainly not me. :p I bet that got you curious. ;) I LOVE YOU LORD! ♥ Yeahbah. :)