Hello February

I should have made this post yesterday, but I was too busy with my sideline that I didn’t have enough juice to write at night. The thing is, I’m still not done with that, and I really should get to coding that…so I’ll do it tomorrow morning. Which means I should go to bed now. Hm.

But I shall blog first. In bullets because it’s easier to compartmentalize thoughts that way. :P

  • I finished my first month in Wordplay – YAY. I still haven’t made a huge dent on the days though, and I’m thinking if writing in advance would be classified as cheating — would it? I really should get down to writing those rules already. Anyway, February feels like I shall still write mushy stuff. I wonder how long I can last with that, haha.
  • I’ve made it to nine books out of 50 for January — better than what I did last year, I think! :) Ebooks are love. ♥
  • Five movies out of 25 – not bad. There are more movies to watch for the rest of the year — starting with Marley and Me this week! :P
  • As for weight loss…ergh. Well, I’ve been eating less, but there’s still so much evil that is chocolate and sweets at home that my “eating less” is just useless. I know, I know, I should exercise, but I can’t (or won’t?) find a good schedule yet. I need someone to go with me on physical stuff, seriously — swimming, boxing, other stuff. I’m still too cheap to join the gym, haha. Or maybe I should just bite the bullet and go enroll. That should give me enough motivation…right? Would it? ARGH. But no, no diet pills — I’m not that desperate. I just need…well, maybe I should just quit being shy at home and dance to my Hip Hop Abs DVDs instead. *facepalm*
  • And more on the weight loss thing. I should probably take my SparkPeople profile seriously now…and I just checked, and my measurements just kind of freaked me out. ACK. Tomorrow I use our punching bag.
  • Taylor Swift has nice songs. :) I’ve had her on repeat for the past weekend. :)
  • There’s still a lot of work at work (ergh), and I am about to face a decision in the upcoming weeks/months that I don’t know if it’s the right one. Well, it’s definitely a step forward — upward, even — but I’m just…well, scared. I don’t know, it’s a big decision, and I really should pray about it.
  • Dave Barnes is releasing a new EP this month!
  • Again, I am still seriously freaked out about my weight. Geez, I hate weighing scales. T_T

Now that I am freaked out, I think I will go to bed so I can do some exercises tomorrow. Seriously now. This post went from February to weight, how pathetic is that.

Still, regardless of my weight, I know I am beautiful. ;)

And that is confidence. :P

Happy February everyone. :)