How many times…

…can God say “Go and sin no more”? Just a thought.

It’s true that the moment we let our guard down, the devil pounces on us. He tempts us at the moment we feel satisfied at how good and at right we are with God. At one moment we are walking all proud and upright, then all of a sudden, we trip and fall face first in the mud otherwise known as “sin”. And because we are embarrassed of our fall, we stay in that mud instead of trying to get out of it. When we do try to rise, we realize that we don’t have anything to clean ourselves with. But it is also true that the moment we fall, the moment we see and realize and admit how filthy we are and cry out to God in sincerity, He immediately runs to us and wipes away the dirt from our faces with His own pure white robes. He doesn’t mind the stain; all He cares about is to get us clean.

Anything that makes me feel comfort with God’s moral standard, anything that makes me feel, “At last I have arrived,” is a cruel deception…anything that makes me feel discomfort with God’s forgiving love is also a cruel deception.
The Jesus I Never Knew, Philip Yancey