I Miss College

Some people say high school is their best time, and although high school was fun, but college was my favorite time. College…was just fun. I can’t explain it in the time that I have right now (since bed time is in 10 minutes) but I knew I grew the most during college. I met the most amazing people, the friends that I still keep in touch with and I know a lot of things that happened in college made me who I am today (after all those failing grades? Hoo boy, who’s not going to learn from that? :P). I will always look back at college with fond memories, the way I would probably do if I had a chance to go on Disney vacations.

College was also the time I was in the most spiritual high. College was the peak of my YFC years and I can’t deny the fact that I got to know God better during my college years. Back then it felt like I would never ever leave that lifestyle, but it’s amazing how a new environment can change one person. And it’s not something I am proud of.

I miss college for the fact that it was easier to stick to God’s side back then. The struggles were simpler (well, as I think about it now :P), and…well, there’s an amazing support group that was always present at the tambayan. Right now…everything’s just…difficult and different.

I miss college.

I’d like to quote Avalon on this song, First Love, which I really loved back in high school:

I used to be the one
Who would long to hear your voice
A child who sought to win his Father’s heart
But as I carried on
Life got a hold on me
Now here I am, a child so far from home

Tell me when did I lose my first love?
Where did the fire and passion go?
Burn in me Your holy fire
Give me back my lost desire
And restore in me the love I felt for You.

Can I remember how it felt
When they looked into my face
And they saw the love of Jesus in my eyes
When I look back on my life
And question where I’ve been
Can I really say I’ve done my best for you?

I miss who I used to be in college.

I miss You.

2 thoughts on “I Miss College”

  1. I miss college too for many of the same reasons! Even though I am not proud of my every moment, college was almost a surreal / virtual type of experience where the possibilities were endless. Worries existed–but they were nothing compared to what life has brought me now as a married, carrer man and father. I was never closer to God either—I shared a faith community and was active in all kinds of activities from Habitat for humanity to leading retreats. I still feel close to God–but college allowed for a more constant, pure spiritual experience for me. It was just a special time. I miss the long walks / talks with friends…walking around campus and the lagoon reflecting and alone with my thoughts…or even seein’ the faces of roomates and neighbors on a constant basis. How quickly the train arrives and departs. I wish my memory was better–too bad i didn’t have a video camera with me more often then….lol….or was it? :) Thanks for the thoughts and the song. I’ll look into it. A song that I will leave you with is one that i always listened to in college…

    Pear Jam: “Untitled”

    Got a car
    I got some gas
    Oh, let’s get out of here
    Get out of here fast

    Oh everyone’s confused
    So I stay in my room
    If i go I don’t want,
    to go,

    I hope you get this message
    Or youre not home
    I could be there in 10 minutes or so….

    Oh I got my things….
    We can make it up as we go along….

    Oh with you I couldn’t
    Be alone….


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