I Planted a Tree

A little less than a month ago, I embarked on an adventure that I have never done before.

I went to a tree-planting activity.

Okay, so it was for the club at work, and since I’m part of the organizing committee, I had to join this activity. Plus I promised the project lead I’ll be there and I have nothing else to do that weekend…so off to the tree planting activity I go!

The tree planting activity at work has been a yearly tradition for the past three years, apparently. Employees have gone back to Ipo Dam to plant trees every year, and so far all the trees are still alive. We received good news during the ocular visit (which I was supposed to go to but didn’t because of WordCamp), so we were expecting to have a relatively easy time come tree planting day itself, provided that it didn’t rain. Although it rained Friday afternoon, it was clear by Saturday so we thought it would be an okay day.

Boy, were we wrong.

Okay, it wasn’t that it’s not okay. It’s just that we had totally, totally wrong expectations in the tree planting activity. I mean, I know we’ll be planting trees which means soil, so I brought gloves and wore rubber shoes. One of the participants who helped out last year told us the holes have been dug and all we need to do is to put the seedlings in. So all the while I thought we’d be planting trees in a level plain with holes dug up and we’d be done in an hour.

Boy, was I wrong.

Plain? What plain? We had to trek up a muddy route up the mountains where we have to plant trees around a slippery mountain side. And who was I to know I’d the the klutz of the day starting from the moment we disembarked from the boat?

Trekking!On our way to the site after disembarking from the boat.


Mountains!The planting site

Here’s the list of accidents I got into that day (cross posted from my Multiply album):

  1. As I was disembarking the boat, I accidentally submerged my right foot (in rubber shoes, socks and jeans) in water. O_O
  2. I was trying to get to solid land from the boat, so one of the guides in the place helped me cross over…and I accidentally pulled him into the water. >_>
  3. I was going around the mountains trying to get to seedlings and plant them when I slipped on my butt. Only one guy saw me though. :P
  4. And then I slipped again.
  5. On the way down, I had to have one of the guides help me around since my shoes are SO slippery. Oh and my backpack strap broke. :(
  6. On our way back, I was walking to solid ground but still had very very bad balance…when I submerged my left foot in a puddle of mud. T_T

You know those trips where there’s this one person — usually a girl — who ends up getting into all sorts of accidents and needs to be rescued almost at all points of the trip? That was me that day. I felt like the wimpiest and klutziest and noisiest employee that day. Oh and the dirtiest:


Bah. The clincher? These were my Mom’s shoes. :|

But it was fun. Like what my friend Rain kept on saying that day: charge it to experience. Well it’s an experience all right, one worth more than any Outer Banks rentals. I’ve never felt so beat up after (well the last time was during a GK build two years ago)! Oh, and I did plant trees…four. Ha. But still!

So will I join again next year? Most probably. But this time, I’ll make sure I have proper gear and a change of clothes so if ever I end up rolling in mud, I wouldn’t be that bothered. ;)

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  1. I had a similar experience. I joined this treeplanting activity thinking we would be provided with a digging bolo but they did’nt, So i had to dig using a stick and my bare hands.

    Well at least we made mother earth happier and yes we always charge it to experience

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