Illusion: Clockwise or Counter-clockwise?

I love getting those optical illusion emails. You know, those graphics that you have to stare at for a long, long, long time and you have to see the hidden stuff, or find something that doesn’t seem to be there but is there? :D

Here’s some sort of an optical illusion, from Gadgenista. Like what she said, this is too good to pass up. :)

Spinning Dancer

Is the dancer spinning clockwise or counter-clockwise? More details about the illusion under the cut. :)

Apparently, there’s a meaning in the way you see her spin:

If you think she’s going clockwise, you’re apparently right-brain dominant (imaginative, philosophical, touchy-feely, impetuous); if you see her going counter-clockwise, you’re left-brain dominant (logical, practical, detail-oriented, safe).

If, like us, you are able to alternate views to see her going in both directions, then you’re just a plain old genius.

At first I saw her spinning counter-clockwise, but when I looked again, she was spinning clockwise. After much staring, I can see her spin both ways — clockwise for a while and then she switches to counter-clockwise. Also, some people say this GIF file is tricked and is not really an optical illusion, but I think it’s still too cool not to share. :D

So which way is she spinning for you? Clockwise or counter-clockwise?

3 thoughts on “Illusion: Clockwise or Counter-clockwise?”

  1. Hah! It’s tricked alright. Stare at it long enough to see the point where she shifts from spinning clockwise to counter-clockwise. Haha.

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