Last One Working

day one.

And just like that, I’m the only one left here in the office for our team.

I was getting ready for work earlier when I got a message from Reggie, my teammate, telling me that two of our team members were on sick leave today, as well as asking me if I could go to work early. I was already wearing my gym clothes then, and I thought of doing a quick work out before going to work. I figured I could still get to work at around 1…but then I decided against it because I don’t think I’ll be able to have a relaxing work out if I have to think about work while I was there. There’s nothing like a rushed work out to make my day sour.

So I went to work and helped hold the fort while the others are sick. There’s nothing serious that needs oximeters, though, just colds and fever, probably because of the extreme heat and cold from outside and inside the office, respectively.  Two people on sick leaves is okay, but we also have another teammate on maternity leave and our team lead is also sick (the originator of the virus, hah!), I knew I needed to get to work ASAP. And since my midshift partner, Earl, is also out sick today, I’m alone here for midshift. At least until 9:30, when I can finally go out.

Thinking about work suddenly made me realize how long I’ve been in this company. I’m turning three in this company this July, and although it’s not as long as others, but it’s the longest I’ve stayed in a company. Then again, there’s no comparison, because this is my second company ever — third, if you count my OJT company. And I can’t see myself moving to another company anytime soon.

I’ve posted about it a lot of times before when i was new here, and I know the posts about it has been scarce for the last, oh, I don’t know, two years? I guess being so used to work has kind of left me jaded about how blessed I am to be here, even if my stress levels can get to the high heavens. Sometimes, when stress and annoying people get in the way, I forget how much I prayed for this job. I forget how blessed I am to be chosen to be here, and to like what I do. It’s easy to forget these things.

So today, while I’m alone here at work, holding the fort — at least until 9:30PM — I’ll take the time to appreciate the work that I do, and what being here means to me. Work doesn’t rule my life, but I can’t deny that I wouldn’t be who I am if I weren’t here. Yay for the work that I do! :)

I just realized: after what I wrote here, I must be every manager’s dream employee. Haha. Kidding. :P

Okay, time to get some dinner.