Long Weekend # 2

After a series of two long weekends, it makes me wonder if those two long weekends were worth it. Interestingly, right after last week’s four-day weekend (which I enjoyed very much), I got back to work and saw…there’s more work. :| And I really wouldn’t be surprised that I would be faced with even more work when I get back on Tuesday.

I wouldn’t sound this sarcastic and stressed if I was only dealing with normal work. But for some reason, life started wooshing in after this (sort of kind of) big choice I made last week, life suddenly started wooshing in. Hay life, so ironic. On top of work, there’s a presentation I need to work on and deliver next week, meetings to attend to, extracurricular things, and personal stuff I need to plan and go to — dinners, trips, etc. And I know that a few weeks ago, I’d sacrifice all the personal stuff, such as Vegas vacations and going home early, so I can finish work. But ever since I told myself I’d give time for myself after the weeks of busy-ness, I’m so ready to put my personal stuff first before anything else, yes, including work.

Talk about change. :P

But I must strike balance. Yes, balance. Work-life balance, oh yeah.

But just take a look at this calendar:

August Schedule

Crazy huh? And there’s still more coming, I can feel it.

But I will not think about it too much, especially since I have one more day of weekend left for tomorrow. :) I’ll get through this last week of August with flying colors. By God’s grace. :) And come September, I’ll be able to start sort of a new. :D Happy Sunday, everyone!

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