Losing Things

My mom and I just got out of Wendy’s after eating our lunch earlier today and was about to head to the department store when I stopped short.

“Ma, wait lang. My comb is missing.”

I patted my pockets, and felt around my bag to see if I can feel the familiar dull comb teeth…but alas, I couldn’t.

“Check Wendy’s.”

So I walked back to Wendy’s to see if it fell from our table. I hoped it was there, that it was at the floor under the table…but it wasn’t.


Then panic mode.

I DON’T HAVE A COMB! Ack! That comb has been with me for almost a year! I bought it for only P10 and it’s the one that lasted for so long and now it’s lost?! It’s small and fits my pocket nicely…and it’s PURPLE! How can it be gone?!

Hay. I immediately went to the department store to look for something similar…I ended up buying this medium-sized black wide-toothed comb that looks a bit ugly…but at least it’s a comb. And I can use it well.

I miss my purple comb. :(

That was a true to life anecdote that happened earlier, and I still mourn for the loss of my comb. Seriously. I’ve never gone out of the house without a comb. It’s always in my pocket if I’m wearing jeans, or in a very accessible pocket in my bag if I don’t have pockets. I’ve had Hair Doctors that broke, combs from Anonymous store (love them) that got lost in friend’s cars or in bathrooms or somewhere else, and combs that just lost its teeth. The last one I had was a cheap one I bought but I like it because of the things I mentioned above: it’s sturdy, it’s cheap, it’s wide-toothed (perfect for combing through wet hair), and it’s purple (my favorite color). And now it’s gone! I didn’t even feel it fall from my pocket. :(

Ah, I’m so shallow, yes?

Seriously speaking though, if there are some things that I shouldn’t lose or else I’d feel very incomplete (other than my cellphone, wallet and iPod), these would be it:

  1. My comb
  2. My black 0.3 (or 0.4) Pilot gTec pen

Just last Wednesday, I went to a club meeting at work. Before that I mentally debated if I should get the gTec pen or just get one of my other pens on my desk. I decided to get the gTec since I haven’t been using it for a while. I slipped the pen in my notebook’s spiral binding and was off to the meeting. I ended up not writing anything, so the pen stayed there. When I got back to my desk a few hours later, my pen was gone! It fell off from the spiral! :( I felt like such a lost writer because my favorite pen is missing! :( Just as when I wanted to write in my journal!

Shallowness again, yes, but those two things above are two things I must always have with me. Weird, I know. I’m trying to figure out why, and I think the comb is like a security blanket. It’s like part of my armor/getup for the day. I must carry a comb, or else I feel like I’m going to a battle without my full gear. As for the pen, back in college, when I was a part of the literary folio, the editor-in-chief mentioned something about writers carrying a pen everywhere and it stuck. And then I started to love the gTec, which almost always makes my handwriting look so nice and neat, that it’s my number one preference in pens. I feel like the writer in me is missing something if I don’t have that specific pen.

OR…It could only be because my hair always needs to be combed because of its thickness and length, and I hate losing a gTec because it’s so expensive, yet I still buy them. :>

So that’s my dose of shallowness today. :P Oh, I have already replaced the gTec pen I lost the other day, and I’m making sure I take good care of it this time ((For some reason, all my past gTecs are either lost or get broken before they even reach the halfway mark. :| Anubeh.)), and as for the comb…I’ll get used to the new one. Unless the purple one miraculously shows up again or I find something exactly like it, the important point is, I have a comb in my bag. :)

This moment of shallowness is brought to you by the long weekend. Thankyouverymuch. :p

2 thoughts on “Losing Things”

  1. dunno about the comb for me… lol. but I keep loosing my pen too.. it’s one of those cheap (but way more expensive than others) parker pen.. The thing with this pen is, it’s been everywhere with me… all three previous trips I’ve had here in the Philippines since 2005.. BC. New York.. etc. etc. It’s my travelling buddy.. But right now it is lost. But it’s not the first time I’ve lost it. And I’m pretty confident sometime before the new school year starts for me I will find it somewhere in my room.. or my locker at work… or in my car… or whatever… haha

  2. i agree with you, d ako mkkaalis ng bhay without a pen and watch.wla pa akong nauubos na gtec lging nwwala..haha

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