day four.

Finally, it’s Friday. I feel like it’s been such a long week even when it’s really not. I’ve just been really busy, I guess. And I know I said I love my job and all, but loving it doesn’t mean I don’t love my weekends. :P

…Although there came a time when I did dislike not going to work (I know, right?!?!) because…well, not only because I like my work but for other reasons. I’d really rather not elaborate, thankyouverymuch.

So anyway, Friday! And weekend!

A couple of days ago, Earl and I were talking about our own luxuries in life and why we seem to be running out of money all the time (haha). One of my major luxuries is books, of course (which is why I’m fasting from buying them now), followed closely by food (of course). I kind of wish I spent more on clothes before, because it’s kind of painful to shop for them today. But I don’t think I’d love books as much if I spent more on clothes. :P

Anyway. After some thinking, I realized that another thing I spend money on lately is all my weekend gimmicks with friends. Thinking back, I realized that I seem to be out every weekend, save for one weekend that I try to be at home. Ever since January, I’ve been out to birthday parties, movies, musicals, gym days and fun runs, trips, concerts and all kinds of stuff with my friends. I’m not complaining, of course. It’s fun to be out with awesome people, who can discuss movies, plan parties with, given the chance. I did say my friends are awesome, right? :) Who needs a guy when you have awesome friends? (I just have to say that :p)

This weekend, although low on funds (oh, but wait, I got a blessing earlier from work, so yay!), I’m going to enjoy it. :D Here’s the line up:

  • Gym tomorrow morning — Body Combat with my gym friends.
  • Pamper day – hair treatment and possibly foot spa and pedicure, because my hair and feet need it, badly.
  • Shopping day, if there’s time. I swear, I need to make time for this, but I don’t know if I can make time/have enough money to do this tomorrow!
  • Alice in Wonderland!
  • Sunday with the family.

I’m declaring it an extended weekend too, even if I have to go to work on Monday. Because…

Yeah. Weekend (and then some), here I come. :)