Making Time

day six.

I know I’m not the friendliest person around. In fact, I know I’m very much of a “manang” — meaning I’m kind of like an old person, because I’d really rather stay at home or do something quiet rather than party or stay out all night. It’s just not my thing. I think I also give off a somewhat intimidating vibe. Not too many people would choose to confide in me (at least as far as I know in college), but people eventually talk to me about their problems and concerns and whatnot, maybe after good, equal sharing time. At least, that’s how I see it.

I can also be very close to some people at a certain time, but after some time, we just kind of drift apart. Sometimes, when we see each other again, it’s like no time passed, and that’s good. Sometimes we make plans of seeing each other, but we never push through. And that’s just…sad.

But I’ve accepted that as a simple fact in my life: people come and people go. It just depends on how much effort you’re willing to give to make the relationship — friendship — work.

The point, the point. Sometimes I wonder how hard it is for other people to keep in touch. I know I find it difficult to keep in touch, too, but mine is more because I gain friends from sharing a specific part of my life, but once that part is over, I find that there’s no reason to share with them anymore. Did that make sense? It’s like…I become friends with this person because we both love chocolate ice cream. We meet together everyday to eat that, but once I’m sick of ice cream, or feel that I don’t want to eat it anymore, we both just kind of drift away.

I feel like I’m going in circles, and maybe I am. But I know that if you really want to spend time and be friends with a person, you won’t just go with the flow. You’ll make time to be with them. You’ll find ways to talk to them, you’ll find ways to spend time with them. You’ll drop other things just so you can catch up. After all, every relationship — even/especially friendship — needs work, right?

So if you see me, get a message from me this week, or sometime soon, it’s because I’m working to keep our friendship alive. Will you do the same?