Moving out

Next week, we’ll be moving out of our current office and transferring to a new yet older office (since this building is older than the one we’re occupying right now).

Our office...during International WeekIn a way I feel kind of sad that we’re moving out of our lovely 10-floors building where elevators are fast (so fast that we can even do elevator races and no one ever bothers to say “UP!” whenever an elevator is closing in on them, because the next elevator is already there), and we have an entire elevator wing to ourselves. Goodbye to the brighter walls and the non-magnetic cubicle walls, our HUGE pantry, and how we’ve all been comfortable in our spots for the last eight months. See?

Okay, our desks don’t really always look like that. This was taken six months ago, during the International Week at work. We planned to have our dogbone — as what we call our tables — decorated in a Pahiyas Festival theme with a GIANT sunflower. We did all of these in a day. =D That’s my table on the right side, the one with a Switchfoot wallpaper. It looks a lot less cluttered then, you should see my desk now. Heh.)

Yes, I’ll definitely miss my building. It feels as if I would never be step in that building anymore, which I know I still will, but not as often. Hay.

But I’m not dreading moving into the new-old building anyway. Though the elevators there are slower, and the walls and dogbones there are less colorful, the walls are magnetic, and we can pin stuff on the walls so at least there’s more “decorating” powers. Plus our team would not be isolated anymore since our Ops Lead and Ops Manager decided to put us right smack in the middle of the wing which we will occupy, in the middle of all the other teams where some hardly knew us. :P That should definitely perk things up, especially when it’s my turn to be on mid/night shift again. Come to think of it, it would be fun to go on night shift there again, since we’ll all be in one wing, and we won’t be “alone” outside from all the other teams. It would be just like a training room once again, since we have one whole wing to ourselves. :D

Yes, I believe in optimism, which is why I do not dread moving that much. :)

And speaking of decorating…if our walls weren’t as colorful as it is right now, I might do something like this. Hm, like I would really be able to do something like this; it’s hard enough to bring plants in at work, let alone maintain it. Hehe. But it’s a nice idea; if only we have something like Ikea or directbuy to get nice and cheap furniture stuff. I know there’s Ikea PH already, but I find some of their prices a bit too expensive. >_>

But that move isn’t for another week. I still have to focus on other more important things, like the upcoming Barangay Hall, the docs stuff, and yes, more work. But it’s okay, God’s with me anyway, and with Him, we can conquer everything. :)

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