On Growing Up (Part 1)

It’s another Friday, and today is actually quite stressful. For a change. Right up to before lunch, people were rushing around the office to figure out where the system error was coming from. I wasn’t directly part of it, but I did some monitoring which made me feel oh-so-important. Or not. Haha.

Other than that, I made some reports this week, only to have them shortened and to be asked to understand all the fields. This goes to show that copy and paste is never the solution. Monday will resume with more things to read, understand, ask and some new things to test. :)

I also learned some things outside work which I have no intention to let public consume. ;) Haha, seriously, it’s about the light and darkness, and how messy and beautiful it is at the same time (thank you, Bebo Norman). I’m feeling quite uncomfortable about the entire thing, but at the same time, I know that this is good for me too. Sooo…Lord, it’s all Yours.

It’s almost Halloween, and I’m stopping myself from watching scary things for fear of not being able to sleep or take a bath without getting scared. I know it’s fun to be scared once in a while, but not always in this time and one after the next. Haha. You know. ;)

Tomorrow is the 5th YFC Metro Manila Conference and I’m not going because I didn’t register on time. Plus I feel too old and moved on already. I feel kind of wistful not being able to go (I wonder how they would do their worship this year? Last year, the night worship was just awesome) because…well, it’s like missing the ILC. Oh well. It’s time to move on, plus tomorrow’s the pray over ceremony for our SFC CLP, so I shall go there instead. :)

My mom’s watching Maalaala Mo Kaya…and they’re showing a scary story about a policeman who didn’t get to help his prisoner friend be relieved from the death sentence. I have NO intention of watching it but it kind of reels you in after a while, even if you’re just hearing it.

Noooo. I want to sleep peacefully tonight.

It feels weird growing up, you know? I wonder, if I was thrown back into school again after the almost two-month experience I have now with work, will I still be able to enjoy it? I don’t know. But you know what? I am not regretting a single thing that has happened since I started working. :) I think I can really say that this is where God really wants me to be. :)

I got some weird ink writings on my hand and I’ve been trying to recall where I might have gotten them. Hmm. Anyway, happy Friday everyone. :)

3 thoughts on “On Growing Up (Part 1)”

  1. Have you ever seen/heard of the movie “The Ring” with Naomi Watts. Anyway, I watched the movie in theatre with a friend of mine – what, 4 years ago now – but the thing is, we watched it on October 24th. Which if you know about the movie, my “7 days” was up on October 31. Hehe. Freaky huh? I still remember after watching that movie, I refused to move in my bed, I could only face the wall in my bedroom – which was away from the TV. haha. Sorry if you haven’t seen the movie and this made no sense to you. I suggest watching it… but watch it with someone. And then get a nightlight so you can go to bed… hehe

  2. I watched the original Japanese version of it, “Ringu 1”. That is loads scarier than the English version, and believe me, i slept with my lights on for a week and I refused to be left alone in our living room with the TV off for the next days. Haha. The image of Sadako (Samara in the English version) coming out of the TV is enough to make me scream for the next few days. Haha.

    We used to have a wallpaper of Sadako coming out of our computer screen. Haha…at first it was kinda cool then we end up freaking out…so we would turn off the computer’s monitor when it would boot up/turn off. And what’s funny about that is that we couldn’t replace the wallpaper for some reason. :-s We got to remove it by reformatting the computer. Creepy.

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