Overflowing Flood

Rain rain on my face,
It hasn’t stopped raining for days
My world is a flood
Slowly I become one with the mud
Flood, Jars of Clay

So the rain didn’t let up today, and I woke up with rain pouring hard on the roof and the village entrance flooded. I got to work safe and sound, thanks to my brother and headed for the Customer Service Training. The training was fun, much thanks to our being “fast learners” (Which reminds me, I forgot to bring the booklet home! I have homework for that! Argh!). Back at the office, I finished some work, learned some sad news and then wondered how bad the flood is at our village gate.

Then the strangest thought/wish hit me: I wish it wouldn’t rain so hard anymore so I would be able to go to work tomorrow.


Yes, weird as that sounds, I really and truly want to. I don’t know why, even if the idea of staying home is quite nice…but it’s boring. And it’s so much more fun to spend it inside the colorful halls of the office than stare at the TV and bum around all day.

Gasp! Did I actually say that out loud? I believe that I used to pray that it would rain hard enough so that I wouldn’t have to go to work the next day because of the floods, but now I’m actually asking for the opposite. I actually want to go to work. I actually want to clock in eight hours and do some webpage editing (or for tomorrow, training in the morning and then work in the afternoon). I want to go to work, see my teammates’ faces and joke around about the requests we have to attend to, do some QA and wait until requests come in.

Do you know that I get to the point that I wish weekends are over so I can go back to work?

I must be crazy, yes?

Somehow, I think my current job is really changing my outlook, how I see everything when it comes to work. Five months ago, if you ask me how I was, I’d stop myself from complaining about work. Now I can’t stop on raving about this, as you may have noticed.

Maybe it’s because I’m still thrilled with all of these, even if it’s after a month already. Or maybe this is what an employee with real work/life balance feels like?

I don’t think I’ll eat any of my words for the next few months, about me loving my job and all. :) Ha!

Okay, I shall stop raving and start fixing our recently washed clothes. The rain has stopped to a drizzle now, and I’m praying for less rain in Metro Manila and more rain in the right places (yes, I still care about the water crisis the country is experiencing right now) for the night, so I can be at work tomorrow and finish the training and, well, work. :) To all students, enjoy your additional vacation. :D To all the people in the workforce…well, have a safe trip for all of us tomorrow. :)

4 thoughts on “Overflowing Flood”

  1. Good for you, Tina! Unlike me na tuwing umaga ang iniisip lagi “Oh no, office na naman!”… hehehe

    Sorry pala ngaun lang ako nag-reply regarding sa tickets. So sorry talaga. My sister is still thinking about it kasi. Pero gusto talaga naming manood. Anyway, I will text you sis within the week.

    Have a nice day!

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