Rain rain on my face

Okay, so there was actually no rain on my face, but it kind of sucks when rain destroys all your weekend plans of pampering yourself and and all the “pampering” you did was catch up on sleep. Bah. Not that I don’t mind sleeping in…but my pampering! :)) I didn’t get to watch a movie last week because of…lots of things, and I was planning to get a haircut today since my hair’s starting to get unruly, and split ends abound, and I want to have it cut before I get it straightened.

Oh well. The pampering shall wait, I guess. And it’s no use if my hair gets wet after it has been blow-dried. :P It is nice to snuggle under the covers and sleep, or write in my journal after days of not catching up (which reminds me, I need to get back to it). And I’m so glad electricity is back — every geek’s nightmare is when there’s no electricity and the gadgets are not charged. :-B Hee.

Anyway. I’ve had a long week. The last time I had something like this was last February, but that was just physically tiring. This week was physically, emotionally and mentally exhausting, that I still feel the effects of it until now. I’m just glad it’s over and I wouldn’t have survived if it weren’t for my friends, both inside and outside of work. Thank you.

The next week’s going to be just as busy as the last, but I’ve heeded my teammate’s advice and listed down the things I need to do so I can prioritize. I’m done writing down my “Big Rocks” ((A 7 Habits for Highly Effective People term which refers to the big things you have to accomplish every week depending on your role which you schedule first and are not supposed to be moved. The other things that come during the week are “Little Rocks”, which you schedule around the big rocks)) and placed them on my planner. I’m kind of nervous about the turnout of these things I will be doing, but…God is faithful. Be with me Lord.

I can’t wait till June is over. After this month I’m going to let go of a couple of responsibilities which I should have let go of since March. But this time, I’m putting me first, and focus on other commitments. Not even free CAT5e products can change my mind.

It’s still raining a bit outside, but I really hope the flood at our village gate subsides soon because I need to get to work tomorrow. I have to be at an important presentation in the afternoon and the presentation is not yet even started, plus I have tons of emails to send, which I really need to send tomorrow to get things rolling.

See, I’m thinking about it already. Bah. RELAX. Breathe.

Stay safe, everyone!

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