Rainy days are here for sure

I was so used to waking up and seeing the sun shine through my window that when it didn’t, I knew something was different. And yep, it is different indeed — rainy days are here again. Hello, jacket. Hello, umbrella. Welcome back, old friends. I still don’t like you, frogs. :P

Last night I went to my first SFC chapter assembly. Actually, it was a family ministries assembly, so not only SFCs were there, but also CFCs, HOLDs, YFCs and KFCs (figure out the meanings :P). It was fun, and I loved the praisefest. It’s been so long since I last sang my heart out to God like that. Too long. And even if my throat hurts a bit yesterday, I still sang. :) Plus it was so much fun taking pictures with my new SFC friends, so I didn’t mind. :)

However, when I got home, my throat started attacking me big time. I hate that feeling of a burning throat — whenever I swallow, I get this burning, prickly sensation at the back of my throat. Boo. And I know that I just can’t let this go untreated because everyone knows (okay, not exactly everyone) that when I get a sore throat, it’s either I go down fever lane, asthma street or just sneezy avenue.

Fortunately, I went down sneezy avenue, complete with colds. I thought I was running a fever earlier, but turns out I wasn’t; the cold was making me feel bad though. :P Haha, but I would not let that stop me from going to the YFC-DLSU camp to visit. I headed all the way to Legarda and braved walking a bit distance to the camp. I arrived there unscathed, thank you very much. My colds got worse I think and my throat still rebelled from me while I was there.

I got home, ate some of the non-meat soup my mom made (it’s macaroni, tofu, eggplant and squash I think. Tastes pretty good, if you ask me :P) and settled down drinking my lemon tea and watching Disney.

So, is this the life I’ll be trading for the workplace? Seems like it. Hmph. But hey, I need to get moving. I need to explore the world, get to know more people and experience His amazing love and power and majesty in the “big bad world” out there. What could be more exciting than that? :)

Apparently, for now there is. I must get ready for my second to last SFC CLP. :) Toodles. :D