Real Time and Colour

Yes, just for that title, I’m going to go for the British (or Australian, since that came from an Aussie song) spelling of color. Hello, colour. :)

It’s been raining since last night. I suppose this is real rain, as opposed to the cloud seeding thing they’ve been doing for the past days, right? Because it’s been raining all day. And you know what, I miss this weather. I used to love this kind of weather, but because of college and its commuting woes (plus the sentimentality of it all), plus the fact that I don’t get out of school easily then (we need to be flown up into the air before the school decides to call off classes), I started disliking the rain. Now, despite the difficulty of me going to and from work, and the ickiness on the feet once I stepped accidentally on a puddle…I think I am actually starting to like it. :)

Yep, rain is good. :)

Last night was our first bowling game for the company’s sportsfest. Nerves, pressure and a whole lot of cheering and fun for the entire team, and what do you know, we won! We had a pretty good score at the start (and yes, I wasn’t playing yet), and then during the second game they won, but we had a 200 point lead so we won! Can’t believe it! To think I was already so down on myself for sucking so much last Saturday…but playing last night was fun! Albeit a bit pressuring especially when you have the lowest score among the entire team…but it’s still fun! Next match is on the 20th. Wish us luck? :)

Tomorrow I have a whole day training with three other teammates, and then a trip to the old office to pay off some debts (hihi) and meet up with a Switchfoot ticket buyer. As much as I am starting to like the weather, I do wish I don’t have to travel in the rain tomorrow so my taxi fare won’t reach over a hundred. My remaining funds for the next days until the next salary is going down because of all the cabs I am taking. Hmph. But then, it’s almost payday!

Up and coming!

  • Get boxing gloves and start going to the boxing gym with Kuya.
  • Work on Godchicks layout revamp.
  • Sell (more) Switchfoot in Manila concert tickets.
  • Post more to Mission: Sydney
  • 2nd bowling match (August 20!)
  • Attend one badminton session w/ officemates (gimme time, please?)
  • Buy new shoes :P
  • Team outing (please let this push through :D)

All in all? Life’s good. :) Nothing gray, just real time and colour. Yes Brooke, I’d say exactly the same thing. :)