Say hello to a new beginning

So how do I describe yesterday? It was not as bittersweet as high school graduation was. No one even shed a tear — maybe because it’s because we were all so happy that we made it through a major hurdle of our lives. And maybe, personally, I wasn’t that sad because I know we’d still be able to see each other afterwards. I don’t know how, but I just had this feeling that we’d still be seeing each other a lot even if we’re all done with school. Perhaps because we are bound to work in Makati? Or maybe meet again to talk about asset based lending or something. Haha, I don’t know. Or maybe it’s just because it would be easy to get together even after school because we know how to go around already, unlike in high school, when we were all still busy with the next chapter in our lives.

After the graduation ceremonyAnyway, the graduation yesterday was very…nice, for the lack of better words. :) It was so nice to see everyone all dressed up in black robes (ala Harry Potter style as Micko, Vida and I put it) and even if the ceremony was just too long, it was still fun. The event wasn’t as solemn as the school wanted it to be because we all just want to talk and laugh at the silly surnames (no offense :p) and at some bloopers onstage. Plus when Bro. Armin congratulated us and we finally turned our tassels to the other side, we couldn’t help but whoop at the joy of it all. It was nice seeing the smile on Bro. Armin’s face as I climbed on the stage and he recognized me (I hope he did…haha, he did have this expression on his face as if he knows me from the GK dinner we had) and getting the pseudo diploma and the DLSU pin. The singing of the Alma Mater song left us kind of bitin though…we’re used to singing it twice, but we only sang it once.

But it’s all good. :) We wanted to get pictures onstage, but everyone decided to go there so we decided not to anymore. After hanging at the PICC for a while, my parents and I headed over to SM Mall of Asia, ate lunch at Italianni’s, went around the mall (well, parts of it), bought shoes because our heels were killing us and went home. It was a good day. :) What an understatement.

And here’s the “obligatory” thanks message, even if half of these people won’t even read this. :P

  • To my batch, Catch 2t6: We may not have graduated all at the same time, but it was nice spending the past four years with all of you. I may not know you all, but I would like to thank everyone just the same. :) I would not have chosen any other batch but ours. I’m gonna miss you all. :)
  • To my original block, Es-Twenty: You made the start of my college life easy. Even if we only lasted for two terms, those were undoubtedly the best terms I’ve ever had. :) You will always be my first college family. :D
  • To my IST block: Words cannot express how much I love you guys. ♥ :) We’ve been through so much — IST parties, ISTECH overnights, AD-FOTO overtimes at the photolabs, FOUNED1/TINTECH/CURPLAN papers and reports, outings and who could not forget our “beloved” theses? I am glad to be a part of such a great block who I know would always be here for each other and root for each other. We (me, Ramie, Rye and Micko) would never have survived IS-RESM again without you guys. MABUHAY ANG IST!
  • To Ramie, Rye and Micko, my thesismates: Haha. I’ve texted you guys already. :P Except for Micko, I think? Haha. You know what I’m going to say anyway. Basta, salamat. :) *sings* We made it through… Haha. I ♥ you guys. :)
  • To our thesis adviser, Doc Lloyd: Thank you for everything. :) I’ve learned so much from you and I will never ever forget how much you scared us everytime we’d have to revise something. Haha. Seriously though, thank you. :)
  • To all my professors: Thank you for everything you have taught us. Rest assured, we have learned at least something from everything you’ve taught us. :)
  • To my college, CCS: Geek, aliens, whatever. I’m still proud to be CCS. :)
  • To DLSU: I knew I made the right choice in choosing my dream school. :) I’m honored to be called a La Sallian and will forever cherish the moments inside the school. True to the prayer, I will do everything for the love of God. :D
  • To my “number one support group”, YFC-DLSU: I would not have made it without your prayers. :) Thank you for being there for me when I need to unwind and relax amidst all the thesis woes I had. Thank you for just being the group where I found solace in. :)
  • To Tuesday and Bea: Haha, special mention! =) My girls. :p Powerpuff girls daw. ;) I thank God for giving me sisters like you two. Thanks for all the prayers, trips, overnights and looooong talks we have. This is not the end ha? :) I can’t wait for your graduation. :p I love you! ♥
  • To my family: Thank you for letting me study in DLSU, thank you for supporting me all the way, amidst all the sleepless nights and failures (three to be exact) I had. Thank you for never giving up on me. Thank you for fetching me when it’s late, for dropping me off at school even if it’s totally out of the way and for the sacrifices you made just so I could study. This is for you, because you deserve this. ♥
  • And finally to God: As the Hillsong United song says, This is for You, for all You’ve done for me, ‘coz I wanted to show You how much You mean my God. Thank You so much for everything. You never abandoned me and I still choose to be by Your side. :) Thank You so much. This is ultimately for You. ♥

And so here I am. An official graduate and official bum (for now). I’ll start talking about jobs next time. ;)

Again, congratulations to all who graduated with me yesterday. I hope we all reach our dreams and even further. I’ll see you in the real world. :)

Say goodbye, say goodbye to the you I knew before
Say hello, say hello to a new beginning
Say goodbye, say goodbye to the you I knew before
This is your Genesis.
– Say Goodbye, Joy Williams