September So Far

I did say wake me up when September ends at the start of the month, right?

Well, ironically, who’s not getting so much sleep? :P

It’s been 15 days since September and I:

  • …am still very busy. :(
  • …realized how much I love being a geek outside of work.
  • …started fiddling with stuff that I used to really do a lot, which is connected to the previous bullet.
  • …became a part of a group that is planning a major conference, but I missed the first meeting
  • …had to be around at work because our boss is in town.
  • …played bowling, and our team is on the semis (not necessarily because I’m on the team. Heh).
  • …took a vacation in the middle of the busy month and I do not regret going there AT ALL :) I miss Cebu! Proper blog entry to follow. :D
  • …went to the Manila International Book Fair to get my book fix but left early because of work.
  • …am getting very paranoid of my expenses, and to think we just got paid last Saturday! Bills, bills, bills! :(
  • …still have a lot of work to wade through, and because I’m still hungover from my vacation, I can’t think straight.

Bah. What a month, and it’s not yet over. I have so many things to finish, and so many things that are due at the same time, it’s crazy! Focus, focus, focus, Tina. You can do this! You will survive this!

I guess this is one of the times when I have to remember (yet again) that I can’t do everything, and I can’t be with everyone as much as I want to. And that I really, really have to prioritize, put first things first. I can do this. I can finish September with flying colors. I know I can, by God’s grace I can.

I think I need to stop thinking of this month as a curse and a month full of stress, just like how some people looking for jobs in Atlanta at this month might feel right now. This is grace month, and I can do all things Him.

If you can spare a prayer for me, please do. And if you need a prayer for something, let me know too, so I can pray for you as well. :) If you’re going through a difficult month, well, hang on, we’ll get through this. :)