Seven Weird/Random Things

I was tagged by Kuya Kevin to do this, so to wake me up from my sleepy after-chocolate eating feeling, let’s do this. :) I’ve posted something similar to this before, so now I will try to post new ones, because really, one cannot contain weirdness in 6 things, right? :P

  1. I remember song lyrics better than the melody/music/whatever. I used to write music reviews for FiSH, but I always end up focusing on the lyrics rather than the music, which Jomar always has to write for me. I realized why this is so, based on this multiple intelligence test we took at work. I’m more of a linguistic person than a musical person. Therefore, I remember and take note of lyrics of songs more than remember their music. I can’t, for the life of me, say which songs sounds like another song because I can’t hear the similarity until someone points it out to me. :P
  2. I absorb everything first, then digest them all later. Now that made me sound like a sponge. I have this thing where I “absorb” everything first before I try to “feel” it after some time. Call it a defense mechanism of some sort. It’s like when I receive some bad news, I immediately build a barrier around me, and I store the information somewhere and then allow myself to “feel” the necessary emotions after I deemed it safe. It works both ways, actually, for good and bad news. I’m supposed to try to move on from this kind of thing, but I don’t know if I have. ^^;
  3. I like multitasking. Yes I do! Haha, maybe my way of multitasking is not like others…mine’s more of the “while the channel I’m watching is playing commercials, I’ll surf around for a while” type of multitasking. If say, I’m surfing around the Internet, while this page loads, I look at another site first. That kind of thing. It’s not that I don’t like waiting; I just don’t like being idle while I wait. This also comes in with my habit of listening to music while reading a book…it’s so when I get tired of reading I have music to fall back on. :P
  4. I will never get tired of Nickelodeon and Disney Channel. I may start liking other shows or channels, but Nick and Disney definitely have a place in my heart. :P
  5. After doing some major spending, I make quick mental calculations in my head about the remaining money I have. Chris caught me doing this on my first Doulos trip, where I was silently computing how much money I have left before the next payday. Ever since I started earning, I’ve formed a habit of having a personal minimum threshold in my bank account which I consider safe. If my cash goes lower than that, it’s immediately back to thrift mode. This is for me to avoid being bankrupt before the next payday, and really, I’d rather not get a payday loan because it just adds to my “to pay” list. It wasn’t until I moved into a new job where I started having balance sheets every month to compute my finances. It works. :D
  6. All my characters in the things I write are always based on real people. With the exception of the last NaNoWriMo novel, which I think made it harder to write. But if I know you in real life, don’t bother asking who you are in those characters, I won’t tell. :P I only spill them voluntarily, never with someone asking. :P
  7. I find singing boyband songs by myself or in videoke strangely calming. Ah yes. If I want to relax, let me listen to Backstreet Boys and N Sync. If I really need to destress, let me sing them in videoke, complete with dance steps. :P

Ah, mehn, that was actually quite hard to write. Heh. Anyway, I’m tagging three people at work because I know they read this: Grace, Mike and Roy. Come on now, share your weirdness. :P

On another note. It feels weird sending a meeting invite to people I don’t really know. What’s even weirder is that I used to do that all the time at my old job and I was used to it…after being so shy for the first few times that is. Now I’m fumbling again, and I feel really weird in sending a meeting invite. I should be used to this!

Okay, I shall click on Send and then leave my table just so I don’t feel iffy about it. I’ll get used to this. :D