Sick leaves

I’m not working yet and I’ve made myself take sick leaves. Haha. I’m not really sick anymore, but I took the day off again to rest just so I can be ready for tomorrow. Plus it’s raining so hard here right now, so I can’t really go out. Tomorrow, I shall go to school for the Job Expo and then go home after a while so I won’t stress myself out too much. I need to be aware of my health, especially because I’m on the job hunt and being sick is not an option. :P I don’t have any Medicare plans yet.

Ever since Sunday, I’ve been downing so much water and ginger tea so I would get better. Too bad for me because I know that there’s still a pack of Hershey’s plain chocolate in the freezer and I’ve been wanting to eat some since yesterday but I can’t. Boo. Too bad. Just a few more days. Just a few more days.

Anyway, I just thought I’d update. There’s nothing happening here, really. It’s just raining and raining. I’ve been out of it lately, and I’m in need for some serious spiritual exercise again. See what I mean by taking it one day at a time? I find myself in the need of His grace and mercy everyday because I’ve been realizing how much of a sinner I am and how I keep on hurting Him. :( But I’m still amazed because He forgives me the moment I truly ask for it, even if He knows I will fall all over again. Hay. I don’t know how I deserve such mercy because I know I don’t…but thanks to His Son, I receive it. Haaaay. I love You. :)

The rain’s getting harder. No lightning please? I don’t like lightning. I’m afraid of power outages because they zap out the fun. :/ And I hope it doesn’t rain as much tomorrow because I’m going to school for the Job Expo. I did say that already, right? Wohoo. I better finish my tea and take a shower, then I’ll be back for some novel writing. :D