Start Here Notebooks

I’m a notebook addict, and my close friends know that. Everytime school starts, the thing I was most excited about are the notebooks. I love the sight, smell and feel of new ones, and being able to have spare notebooks just because thrills me. Ha. :P I think I mentioned it before that I prefer unlined notebooks for my journals? If I didn’t, I said it now: unlined notebooks rule. They’re my top choice for journal writing because each blank sheet represents a blank slate that we all face everyday. Lines are okay, but I feel restricted with them, like I have to always follow them in writing words. Plus it’s no fun to doodle in lined notebooks!

Start Here Notebooks

So imagine my thrill when I saw these notebooks in Lai‘s blog. Presenting Start Here notebooks – the totally blank and unlined notebooks! Start Here sells notebooks that are blank not only inside but also outside. This totally represents what a blank slate is. You are given total freedom what goes not only inside, but on the outside cover of your notebook. You can put pictures, draw, color or sprinkle it with glitters – it’s your call.

Not only that, they’re inter-linkable too. Say you’re using this as your journal and you get to the last page but your entry is no where near finished yet! Just get another Start Here notebook and link it through the cover and you can go on scribbling happily about how your crush noticed you your day. :) Instead of having several volumes for your journal, you can have one big volume with different notebooks interlinked! Aha, you can even write novels here with one chapter per notebook! Of course, those would be really long chapters…but anyway.

Such a really cool concept. :D They also have lined notebooks in different colors (pink, blue, yellow, green, white), as well as a grid-lined notebook and even a planner. They also sell self-adhesive color tabs and pockets so you can mark pages and slip stuff into your notebook.

Unfortunately (sigh), Start Here notebooks are not available locally, so you can only order it online. I’m not sure if they ship their notebooks all the way here. So…to whoever is using or has used Start Here notebooks: how is it?

To quote from their website:

We wanted a fresh start, something to nurture, and make our own. We considered what we love about design: problem solving, functionality, and beautiful aesthetics with purpose. We tried to respect the gap between design and the person who interacts and adds to it.

The emphasis became individuality. We took our philosophy and poured it into Start Here. Clean, basic, white cover notebooks are our expressions of simplicity. More than having that something already made for you, Start Here’s emphasis on simplicity is a small nudge to start a work of your own. We encourage your unique taste, style, personality, and flavor by giving you the space to be yourself.

So what do you really want to do? Here’s a start.

Start Here.

Unlined and lined notebooks cost $14 each, the planner costs $18, three-level notebooks (part unlined, part grid, part lined) costs $16, self-adhesive set (comes in 3) is $5 and self-adhesive tab sets cost $2. Notebook sets are also available in set of 5 color lined notebooks ($55) and set of 2 white lined notebooks ($20).

By the way, this is NOT a sponsored post. I just think this is a really cool thing that’s why I blogged about it. :D And it’s really symbolic too, but I won’t get to that; I’ll probably make this entry so much longer if I talked about that. :P

Start Here notebooks. And again, this is NOT a sponsored post. :)