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Random Thoughts on Checking Accounts

The first time I had a checking account was when I transferred to my new job. I never really knew what the difference between a savings account and a checking account was because I always had a savings account. Though I was confused a couple of times on that, like when I deposited cash on my friend’s account but mistakenly checked Savings instead of Checking (or was it Current?). Ooops!

Anyway I found out what is the main difference of a checking account from a savings account soon after: checking account comes with — you guessed it — checks. Yay, and that’s it, I think. When I opened my checking account here at work, I was surprised to learn that we had to pay a certain amount for our checks. O_o Ergh. I wish we did not have to, but then again, it’s not like I have any choice, so I still paid for it.

But I have to say, having a checkbook is quite convenient, especially when I’m paying for my bills and my debts to my mother. Yes, there’s the hassle of the three-day clearing and the possibility that the check would bounce (but it wouldn’t as long as there’s money in the account, so there), but it’s way easier to bring around a check than have wads of cash (not that I have that ;) ) lying around in my bag to do payment. :D And it’s easier to pay in exact amount too, instead of scrounging around for coins or making an over-payment to pay for bills. :D

Overall, I’m managing well with my checks. :)

Now where did this post come from? Totally random, eh? Aside from the link (hee, moolah!), it’s because it’s 1:50am and I’m at work and I’ve got a series of online trainings I’ve got to finish for this week and I feel like I don’t know how to write anymore and that I still want to strangle my NaNo 2007 characters. *sigh* So if this post did not make any sense to you…well, feel free to skip it. :D Hee. Good morning world!