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Pre-Valentine's Chuvaness

I seem to be using all kinds of bakla language recently (no offense to anyone). Chuvaness, eklavu, churva...I blame it on the radio show my brother and I sometimes listen to, as well as some SFC people who got me into this. :P Haha.

Today is a pretty boring day in the office, mostly because the big bosses are in the 3GSM World Congress in Barcelona. So us underlings are left here, doing…well, our usual jobs. But it’s relatively light as compared to having them around. :P When the cats are away, the mice will play? Not entirely. ;)

Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day, and yes, I just have to stress those words. It’s going to be my 20th Valentine’s Day as a single (I count from the day I was born), and I am curious as to how things will be tomorrow. Since I’m pretty much busy with work (plus the fact that I’m single), I’m not into any Valentine’s hoopla as much as the next person. Although I am planning to wear red tomorrow just to be in the “spirit of the season”. You know. ;)

Come on, it’s no fun being bitter! No more black, let’s wear red!

Haha, seriously, I’m not trying to psych myself up for tomorrow so I won’t have to deal with whatever bitterness or whatever (redundant!) that might be tomorrow. I won’t act all bubbly by saying I am not even a bit envious of the people going on dates tomorrow, or pretending that I don’t really want to receive any gift tomorrow…but I won’t also keep on wishing that because I’d only feel sad. Am I making sense? It makes sense to me. :P

Tomorrow there will be more Valentine’s churva in the office — dating stuff by votes, hearts games, love bingo and whatnot. I’m curious. :P Although I kind of miss being able to watch all those serenading sessions in school. The thrill of someone knocking at your classroom door, asking permission to serenade someone, and every girl in the class is holding their breath wishing that it would be for them but also wishing that it’s not because it’s embarrassing. Haha. Sadly, I never experienced that. ;) But it’s okay. My time will come.

Of course, the serenading won’t be in school anymore…sooo…

I will go home in twenty minutes! But we have a vendor here and I think I am supposed to wait for him to go? Pleaaaaase go already! Haha I want to go home early to work on some site stuff, for this project my friends and I are launching tomorrow. Plus some birthday greetings and other freelance stuff I should have worked on today but I didn’t. Thank God for free time.

More churva and eklavu tomorrow (now I’m sure that didn’t make sense).

Oh, and I want a new layout already. Hmm.