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On Responsibility and Service

I just spent a totally lazy day inside the house, doing nothing except watch TV, fix the layout of the site and the content and tweak Mission: Sydney. Now it’s already past seven, and I’m still here, in front of the computer and the TV.

Hmm, something’s wrong here.

Well, the reason why I’m stuck here at home is mainly because I’m broke. My salary is not here yet since I didn’t make it to the cut off for the salary to come last Friday. I have some money leftover from my last salary, but it’s got to last me until payday. Plus the fact that I slept off the afternoon because I slept late again last night waiting for my brother.

To be totally honest, I was supposed to be somewhere earlier this afternoon, but I was hit by my being antisocial and katam ((katamaran, or laziness :p)) so I sat it out. With a teeny “lie”.

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