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Waste Another Day

I slept with a bad right eye. It feels a bit swollen, like an insect bit it and it hurts below the eye when you touch it or blink rapidly. It may be something I shouldn’t worry about, but my teammate, Grace, got an eye infection two weeks ago, so I can’t be too careful.

So I went to three different clinics from Galleria (Switchfoot ticket payment pickup) to Eastwood (Bowling practice) to Sta. Lucia to get my eye checked up. Clinic # 1 apparently doesn’t accept cards, Clinic # 2 doesn’t have an ENT for today (even if the girl told me the ENT would be there by 4:00 pm, hmph) and Clinic # 3 also don’t have the ENT in office. Boo. I hope this is really just an insect bite and not an eye infection and I hope this is gone by tomorrow so I won’t have to go to check up. Please Lord?

The past week, I’ve been soundtripping on the same songs over and over again. This soundtripping is because I’m bordering on being emo — something that I so am not. I hate being emo, I hate being sentimental and whatnot. Being emo means there’s something to be emo about…and no comment on that.

Yihee, issue! NOT.

Anyway, I want to share the songs I’ve been sound tripping on and maybe I’d find someone who is also singing the same songs somewhere out there (and gosh, that is like, so emo. Eep).

1. Symphony of a Blasé by Anberlin
“God if You can hear me out alright, please take these feelings for her inside.” Aaaargh. Anberlin, why do you write the best lines?

2. Dismantle.Repair by Anberlin
“If life had a background music playing your song, I’ve got to be honest, I tried to escape you, but the orchestra plays on.” Again, Anberlin, your lines are like, swak.

3. A Day Late by Anberlin
“But I must confess you’re so much more than I remember, can’t help but entertain these thoughts, thoughts of us together.” Not really relatable on my part, but I love these lines. :)

4. Downtown Song by Anberlin (yes, I love this band)
“And I wonder if you can relate to nights upon my pillowcase, eyes wide open middle of the night, you’re the last thing on my mind.” Awww.

And finally, the only lady in the bunch…

5. Waste Another Day by Brooke Fraser
Much thanks to Happy for the heads up on this song. Love, love, love this song! Since there’s so many wonderful lines in this song, I’ll be posting the whole lyrics, and you may listen to the song too! I leave you with this lovely song under the cut. :) Good night friends!

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