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Anak and Inang

Happy Birthday, Gigie!

I was there at your camp, but being the antisocial girl I am, I only stuck to the people I knew. I remember you thought I was your classmate in one of your Eco class. :P I disappeared from YFC after, but then I got back, but I never knew how to talk to you. To be honest I was kind of afraid because I didn’t know how to approach you and such.

And then God put you in my household. Now that’s divine intervention. :) I was nervous, but I set it aside because I know I had a resposibility towards you. No matter how much you annoyed my partner, I wanted to get to know you. And I’m really, really glad I did. You’re one of the people who made my last year in college worth it. True to your birthday, you’re one of the most loving people I know. Words cannot express how much you made my year brighter — be it your diligence in attending households to the way you call me “Inang”…and to the way you have grown in Christ, which I am privileged enough to have seen. :)

You’re one of my dearest friend and sister, and I hope we’d get to be that way for a long, long time. :D HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MY DEAR ANAK GIGIE! :) Thank you so much for everything. I’ll see you on Saturday, okay! Music and Lyrics! I love you! ♥