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Polar Opposites

I’m noticing a pattern in the past few days.

Image from sxc.huLast Monday, I was talking to some friends on chat, and I find out the following:

  • One friend is now happily in a relationship
  • One friend is nursing a broken heart
  • Another friend found out something not so nice about the guy she’s dating

Today, I found out:

  • A friend gave birth to her first baby last weekend
  • A friend’s dad passed away yesterday

Talk about polar opposites. And all during the Christmas season.

Things like this baffle me. Sometimes I wish there was something we can do to stop bad things from happening at this time of the year, because let’s face it: who wants to experience death and broken hearts at this time of the year when people are supposed to celebrate? Can’t it be in any other time of the year?

But who wants to welcome bad things at any other time of the year, though?

And…how can we appreciate the good if it not for the bad?

Life and death. Happiness and sadness. All together in one cycle…does this mean one cannot be there without the other?

Ah well. Thoughts all over the place again. Sometimes I want to contain them all in a metal building, just so they won’t run all over the place in the middle of the work week.

Forgive me for this word vomit. I’ll try to post something more coherent next time.

Thursday Thirteen # 8: Happy Pills

This week’s Thursday Thirteen will focus on the happy stuff: the things that make me smile and laugh and giggle like an idiot. :P I’ll keep this short because my past TTs were long. :P

Thursday Thirteen # 8: The Happy Stuff
Thirteen of Tina’s Happy Pills

  1. Chocolates. There’s nothing like chocolates to cheer me up. I know this is fattening, but seriously, chocolate makes me smile. :) I remember one time during AD-FOTO class when I was crying in the photo lab (oh memories!) and then Baban gave me a KitKat Chunky bar because he knew I loved those. Even if I was still crying, I managed to laugh afterwards. :) Chocolate does that, really.
  2. Ice Cream. One time, I was on my way up to the office back from lunch when some people were eating ice cream as dessert. One lady said that you can’t eat ice cream without smiling. I don’t know if that is true, but sure enough, ice cream is a big mood booster!
  3. Stars. It’s my favorite shape, if that’s what it’s called. I love drawing stars, putting stars in my notebook and seeing them in decorations and such. :)
  4. Sunflowers. I think it’s because I was born during the summertime (here in the Philippines anyway) that’s why I love sunflowers. Sunflowers are just so bright and cheerful looking.
  5. Long emails from friends. I love writing, ergo I also love writing letters. I love sending and receiving long emails from friends, especially those I haven’t heard from in a while. :)
  6. Random text messages that show care. I don’t really quite SMS quotes, but I like receiving random text messages, like a simple “How are you?” or “I hope you’re fine” or even a “Take care”…or even a funny text conversation with a friend (thank God for unlimited texting!). I know it can be highly impersonal, but it’s nice to receive and save assurances from people who you know cares for you.
  7. Kittens, cats and puppies. Enough said. I love seeing pictures of these animals because they’re just so cute. That’s why these websites are always open in my browser. :P
  8. New books to read. Is it any obvious how much of a book-a-holic I am? :) I love book sales, second hand bookstores and just books! Having a stash of unread books waiting to be read just makes me smile. :)
  9. Heart to heart talks with friends. I’m not much of a “bar” or night out person because the loud music totally hinders me from being able to talk and to listen to the people around me. I love having lunches or dinners or coffee with friends where we talk and laugh over meals. :)
  10. Cheesy Pinoy movies. Guilty pleasure! :P I share this love with my brother. We love to watch cheesy Pinoy flicks, no matter how corny they can be. :)
  11. Encouragements and commendations from higher ups in the office. Self-explanatory. :P
  12. Having new [Christian] music to listen to. Yes, we just have to love this. :)
  13. Spending time with my family. I’m sure everyone’s own families drive you crazy at some point, and I’m no exception. But still, my family is the best. :) Todo para la familia: everything for the family — did I get this right? :P

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Today has certainly been one of my favorite days since I started working. :) I think it’s because of the entire “dress down” atmosphere today at the office; everyone just feels so “loose” and young and so college-like. :)

Today was also chicken day. Reg, Anne, Jane and I ate one whole chicken from the grocery. After waiting for thirty minutes, we ate and then talked about dogs and Philippine showbiz. :P Then we went back upstairs to resume work and around 2:00pm, the electricity went out, so we spent some time talking and waiting for the computers to go back on. The generators went back on, so we resumed work and then it went off again when electricity went on. I got trapped in the CR again (ProxCard, when will I get youuuuu?), and on the way up from the 28th floor, Sir Armand was there from a yosi break and then it was time to tag along for another meeting. The meeting had me laughing because of all the side comments and then I got to be formally introduced to Ms. Rox and Ms. Aileen, and now I’m formally known as the “colleague”. :p

Then it was time to go meet my parents for my brother’s birthday celebration so I said goodbye to everyone who are all heading to the opening of the Sportsfest for the company. I met my parents and on the way to SM Megamall, my boss sent me a message: By the way, good job on the competitor reports. We were commended by Ling.Ãœ Talk about happiness.

Then it’s eat-all-you-can-buffet at Saisaki for my brother’s birthday. He got to read the birthday greeting thanks to my dad’s WiFi laptop. We spent half the time laughing at each other and how embarrassed he is when some people sang songs to him as a greeting. :P

All in all…today is a good day. :) Plus it’s FRIDAY so that makes everything even better. :) Yeahbah.

So before I go to bed and go to dreamland, here’s a quote I got from one of the blogs I visited today. Perfect for today. :)

Stop for a second, breathe a quick prayer, and ask God to interrupt your plans, agendas, schedules, and to-do lists sometime this month to simply thrill you. As audacious as that sounds, it is not a daring request. You don’t really think that if you asked your Father in heaven to throw you a surprise party that He would give you a “White Elephant” exchange instead, do you? Can you dare to believe that God will get an even bigger kick out of delighting you than you will by being the recipient of His lavish love? God is bigger and sweeter and funner and wealthier and huge-r than you could ever imagine. But try anyway. Then ask boldly with expectation of His extravagant grace. (Lisa Whelchel)

Good night world! Have a great weekend! :)